Academic and Student Affairs

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Academic Affairs
Senior Vice President Galen DeHay
College Transitions
Dean Jenni Creamer
Director Admissions/Recruiting (vacant)
Director Bridge & Educational Partnerships Kristen Karasek
Director Comp Studies Jennifer Beattie Hulehan
Director Connect 2 College Diana Walter
Director High School Engagement & Outreach Amanda Blanton
Director Orientation (vacant)
Director TRiO Thwanda Davidson, Ed.D.
Curriculum and Instruction
Assistant Vice President (vacant)
Director Advising  Lou Ann Martin (interim)
Instructional Support
Director Sarah Shumpert
Director Title III Activity Lou Ann Martin
Director Title III Activity Amoena Norcross, Ph.D.
Instruction (credit)
Arts and Sciences
Division Dean Hap Wheeler, Ph.D.
Comprehensive Studies Department
Department Head Jennifer Beattie Hulehan
Coordinator of Instructional Activities Andrea Barnett
English Department
Department Head Joan Kalley
Coordinator of Instructional Activities Julie Ellington
Humanities Department
Department Head Della Vanhuss, D.A.
Coordinator of Instructional Activities Chad Gregory, Ph.D.
Mathematics Department
Department Head Keri Catalfomo
Coordinator of Instructional Activities Angela Ward
Science Department
Department Head Sue Ellenberger, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Instructional Activities Dennis Lee
Social Sciences Department
Department Head Katherine Williams
Coordinator of Instructional Activities Tim Bertoni
Business and Public Services
Dean Jacquelyn C. Blakley
Business Technology Department
Department Head Meg Allan
Program Coordinator Accounting Angel Luper
Program Coordinator Management Tracy Ethridge
Program Coordinator Administrative Office Beverly Vickery
Computer and Information Technology Department
Department Head Suzanne Konieczny
Coordinator of Instructional Activities Scott Edwards
Public Services Department
Department Head Tom Lawrence
Program Coordinator Criminal Justice Technology Chris McFarlin, J.D.
Program Coordinator Early Childhood Development Meredith McClure
Program Coordinator Media Technology and Arts John Woodson
Engineering and Industrial Technology
Dean Dan Averette, Ph.D.
Engineering Technology Department
Department Head Mandy Orzechowski
Program Coordinator CNC Programming & Operations/Engineering Graphics Technology John Norris
Program Coordinator General Engineering Technology Dorian McIntire
Program Coordinator Manufacturing Management & Leadership Stan Compton
Industrial Technology Department
Department Head Doug Allen
Program Coordinator Automotive Technology Trent Hulehan
Program Coordinator HVAC/Building Construction Justin Herndon
Program Coordinator Industrial Electronics Technology Robert Ellenberg
Program Coordinator Mechatronics Technology Danny Stovall
Program Coordinator Welding Technology Paul Phelps
Health Education
Dean Lynn Lewis, Ed.D.
Allied Health Department
Department Head Donna Palmer
Program Coordinator Expanded Duty Dental Assisting Mandy Hanks
Program Coordinator Medical Assisting Laura McClain
Program Coordinator Medical Laboratory Technology Polly Kay
Program Coordinator Pharmacy (Pre) Sue Ellenberger, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator Surgical Technology Robin Phelps
Nursing Department
Department Head Jackie Rutledge
Program Coordinator Practical Nursing Julie Vernon
Veterinary Technology Department
Department Head Ashley Brady
Economic Development and Government Relations
Director   Dan Cooper
Corporate and Community Education
Dean   Rick Cothran
Director Business and Industrial Training Sandra Strickland
Director Healthcare (vacant)
Director Licensing and Recertification Mary Corley
Director Occupational and Personal Development Mary Corley
Director World Class Traing Center Richard Parker
Institutional Research
Director Research and Evaluation Chris Marino, Ph.D.
Director Marketing and Graphics Gayle Arries
Student Support and Engagement
Assistant Vice President   Linda Jameison,
Coordinator Assessment Center Carol Watts
Director Career Services Glenn Hellenga
Coordinator/Counselor Disabilities Services Stephanie Winkler
Coordinator Student Life and Counseling Croslena Johnson
Director Anderson Campus Tim Bowen
Director Easley Campus Brian Swords, Ph.D.
Director Library Marla Roberson
Registrar Student Records Scott Harvey



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