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Callie Stuart, of Charleston,  left, and Leanna Terry, of  Pickens, were among the 547 graduates at Tri-County Technical College's 48th annual spring commencement.   They both received Veterinary Technology degrees.

AT&T State President Pamela Lackey Urges Class of 2011 to Embrace and Accept Change

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                      5/11/2011

                                                                                                              (By Lisa Garrett)

         ANDERSON --- AT&T State President Pamela Lackey urged the 547 members of Tri-County Technical College's Class of 2011 to have a willingness to embrace and accept change in their careers and personal lives at the College's 48th annual spring commencement.

         "After working now in an industry and company that has been forced to reinvent itself time and time again, I have come to believe that personal flexibility is critical," said Ms. Lackey, who is responsible for the company's regulatory, economic development, legislative and community affairs activities in the state.  She works closely with state and community leaders to help bring new technology and jobs to the state and improve the quality of life for all South Carolinians.

         "To the extent you can flick that little 'flexibility' switch inside your head, I believe your careers can be more successful and your lives happier. And as a criteria for success it may even trump intelligence, creativity and hard work," said Ms. Lackey who prior to her telecommunications career, was a professional educator.

         As she watched the graduates enter the ceremony, she said she was reminded of the incredible diversity of students impacted by Tri-County Technical College.

         "For some of you, today is a stepping stone on your educational journey - helping you transition from high school to a university this fall. For some of you, the degree you receive today symbolizes your commitment to your current career.  The classes you have taken and the work you have done will position you for future career success.  And for others of you, today opens the door to a new career ... possibly even a new field altogether," she said. 

         "You have proven you can overcome challenges and are now prepared to take advantage of new opportunities your degree will bring. But I also see a commonality among you ... and that is a willingness to accept and embrace change. Change is not always easy, but without it, we'll never see improvement," she said.

         She reminded the group that in their lifetimes, they may change careers five or six times.  "And it's a safe bet that some of those careers haven't even been invented yet," she added.

         "To some, change comes with great fear and trepidation.  For others, change means the promise of something new and different. In my business - the communications industry - we have been defined by change."

         She gave these examples of how technology is re-defining our world at an incredible rate:  "This year, 20 typical homes will generate the amount of data traffic that the entire Internet did in 1995.  Facebook was launched eight years ago.  It now has approximately 600 million accounts. If it were a country, it would be the third largest in the world.   In that same time period, YouTube has gone from non-existence to 10.5 billion videos/month in the U.S. alone.  The iPhone, which was not launched until June of 2007, now features more than 200,000 applications and tens of millions of users."

         She concluded:  "Change forces individuals to evaluate their decisions and possibly make different ones. I hope that each of you sitting here today has an open mindset about where your life may take you.  If you're thinking today that you already know what you want to do for the rest of your life, that's fine. But it's easy to get stuck in a mindset that narrows the scope of what's possible in your life and career.  So be flexible and open-minded. Don't close doors on your options. And remember that no matter how much experience we have, we still continue to learn every day."

Following Mrs. Lackey's address, she and other College officials presented degrees, diplomas and certificates to the graduates.

Abbeville County

From Abbeville:

         Patrick Earl Whitlock, Radio and TV Broadcasting

Anderson County

From Anderson"

         Darlene Aiken, Management; Carrie Miranda Anderson, General Technology; Amie Faye Arflin, Pre-Nursing; Ronni Nicole Atkinson, Pre-Nursing; Latoria Navette Barnes, Practical Nursing; Melvin Bell, General Technology; Sumur Rae Bell, Associate in Arts; Ricus Molando Bennett, Associate in Arts; Stacey Lynn Biang, Management; Catherine Cole Boetsch, Nursing; Christal Lyn Branyon, Nursing; Elizabeth Marie Burns, General Technology; Angie Marie Burriss, General Technology; Lynzee Anne Byers, Associate in Arts; David Philip Caldwell, Heating, Ventilation and AC Technology; Emily Brooke Carver, Nursing; Lauren Elizabeth Castrinos, Associate in Arts; Jowannica Tomika Clinkscales, General Technology; Monica Paige Clinkscales, Heating, Ventilation and AC Technology; Christine Angela Cobb, Practical Nursing; Catherine Nicole Cole, Nursing; Jennifer Ann Colley, Management; Crystal Elizabeth Coon, Associate in Arts; Benjamin Ryan Cox, Accounting; Somer Caroline Crawford, Management; Idonia Lynn Creamer, Nursing; Kayla Elise Cromer, Practical Nursing; Miranda Suzanne Crowther, Nursing; Jasmine Deluna, Criminal Justice Technology; Gloria Miranda Devore, Pre-Nursing; Sandra Speares Dove, Pre-Nursing; Kenneth Brandon Dunn, Heating, Ventilation and AC Technology; Christin Marie Ervin, General Technology; Traci Gammell Escobar, Nursing; Marshall Neal Franks, II, Industrial Electronics Technology; Margaret Mary Friend, Nursing; Geraldine Gaines, Nursing; Joshua Brandon Garrett, General Technology; Carolyn Inez Geer, Administrative Office Technology; Lacreta Twana Geer, Nursing; Christine Kara Giuliani, Nursing; Vanessa Shawanna Glenn, Associate in Arts; Katherine Helena Gibson, Associate in Science; Felicia Michelle Grant, Practical Nursing; Tracy Cornelius Grate, Administrative Office Technology; Jeffrey Nathan Griffith, Industrial Electronics Technology; Clark David Gurley, Management; Bryce Allen Hall, General Technology; Brooks Evan Hanley, Management; Kelli Faye Harrison, Management; Kevin Clinton Harrison, Industrial Electronics Technology; Jason Browne Hart, Associate in Arts; Shannon Yvette Hill, Nursing; Richard Adam Hudgens, Criminal Justice Technology; Martha Gail Hyder, Medical Office Specialist; Clair Joyce James, Early Childhood Development; Meagan Brooke James, General Technology; Denise Yvonne Kirby, Pre-Nursing; Sergei Korzhuk, Heating, Ventilation and AC Technology; Jennifer Rae Lake, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Dorothy Christine LeCroy, Administrative Office Technology; Carlorickus Cortez Lee, General Technology; Wendi Elizabeth Lemon, Nursing; Molly Loch, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Rosa Mae Lomax, Administrative Office Technology; Tiffany Barrett Lyon, Pre-Nursing; April Thomas Martin, Data Entry Clerk; Benny Keith Martin, Gas and Arc Welding; John Henry Martin, Associate in Arts; Sandra Denise Martin, Accounting; Caroline Elizabeth McCallum, Pre-Nursing; Crystal Nicole McCarroll, Nursing; Michele LeeAnn McCoy, Administrative Office Technology; Stephanie Hope McLane, Nursing; Jonathan William Mclees, General Technology; Taylor Lee McLees, Industrial Electronics Technology; Michael Lewis McLeskey, General Technology; Angela Lynn Morris, Computer Technology; Wilson Grey Moore, General Technology; Kerrin Elizabeth Moseley, Nursing; Stanley Odell Moss, Computer Technology; Jonathan Karl Mouton, Management; Nick Kyle Moyer, Heating, Ventilation and AC Technology; Rebecca Lynn Mullikin, Administrative Office Technology; Kimberly Lyain Owens, Administrative Office Technology; Thomas Lee Padgett, Gas and Arc Welding; Matthew Lee Parrish, Basic Electronics; Robert Elliot Partain, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Dharti Bhavin Patel, Nursing; Thelandra Teneshia Patterson, Practical Nursing; Quaisa Monique Pennygraft, Nursing; Amy Dorothea Plummer, Associate in Arts; James Carlton Presgraves, Nursing; Glenn Michael Quigley, Nursing; Tiffany Marie Rader, Veterinary Technology; Steven Edward Ragland, Sr., Radio and TV Broadcasting; Andrew Philip Randall, Associate in Arts; Terrence Dyvone Ray, Computer Technology; Steven Douglas Rice, Management; Donyel Materillo Richardson, Quality Assurance Introduction; Necole Shawntain Richardson, Practical Nursing; Delton Craig Roe, Heating, Ventilation and AC Technology; David Sandoval, Management; Phyllis Wiles Seawright, Practical Nursing; James Daniel Simmons, Criminal Justice Technology; Bobbie Jo Smith, Nursing; Janie Caroline Smith, Practical Nursing; Dominic A Spinelli, Industrial Electronics Technology; Denise Starks, Management; Stephanie Stockton Straup, Nursing; Deborah Diane Swaney, Practical Nursing; Russell Carl Taylor, Nursing; Ryan Paul Wesley, Pre-Nursing; Heather Lynn Tollison, Nursing; Jason R. Trammell, Heating, Ventilation and AC Technology; Jason Ray Van Dyken, Management; Kendra Renee Vaughn, Pre-Nursing; Travis Owen Vickery, Criminal Justice Technology; Bradley James Warneka, Industrial Electronics Technology; Shondra Tracy Webb, General Technology; Chauncey Andrae Williams, Heating, Ventilation and AC Technology; Paul David Williams, Computer Technology; Gwendolyn Denise Wise, Pre-Nursing; Joshua Rhodes Woodburn, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Abby Leonard Wooten, Nursing; and Araka Quivera Wright, General Technology

From Belton"

         Paula Mechelle Adams, Pre-Nursing; Robert Kenneth Bobo, Industrial Supervision Technology; James David Burgess, Associate in Arts; Chandler Ashton Church, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Jacob Todd Ellison, Utility Service Technician; James Thomas Foster, Criminal Justice Technology; Shannon Ross Franklin, Administrative Office Technology; Heather Lee Gambrell, Computer Technology; Jason Dale Guest, Industrial Supervision Technology; Jonathan R. Hart, Industrial Electronics Technology; Daniel Lee Horton, General Technology; Tracie Lee Lacatena, Pre-Nursing; Cortland Leyton Marett, General Engineering Technology; James Douglas McElrath, Jr., Industrial Electronics Technology; Nancy Christine Mullen, Administrative Office Technology; Kenneth Michael Oates, Industrial Electronics Technology; Sergey Mikhaylovich Oliy, General Technology; Vickie Seabolt, Pre-Nursing; Shannon Renee Sloan, Criminal Justice Technology; Daniel Lawton Taylor, Industrial Electronics Technology; and Darryl Williams, General Technology

From Honea Path:

Angela Sue Holmes, Nursing; Eric Randall Jefferson, Management; Ana Rhae Johnson, Nursing; Jonathan Keith Martin, Computer Technology; Jonathan Blake Stone, Industrial Electronics Technology

From Iva:

April M Beard, Accounting; Anthony Eugene Braswell, Jr., General Technology;Margie Chastain Hunnicutt, Practical Nursing; Brian Paul Kay, Criminal Justice Technology; Erin Ledelle King, Nursing; Stacey Amanda Lollis, Associate in Science;Laura Edwards McGill, Nursing; Evelyn Marie Stevens, Data Entry Clerk; Manuel Caleb Thatcher, Utility Service Technician; and Michelle Lynn Todd, Pre-Nursing         

From La France:

         Michael Brian Landreth, Machine Tool Technology

From Pelzer:

         Janice Ellen Bear, Nursing; Brandy Renee Greer, Nursing; Lindsay Wilson Lollis, Nursing; Joy Andrea Scott, Administrative Office Technology         

From Pendleton:

         Joshua Lamar Browning, Industrial Electronics Technology; Ashley Deone Brownlee, Management; Tina Lynn Ethridge, General Technology; Anne Nilanee Fernando, General Technology; Larry J. Garland, Jr., Industrial Electronics Technology; Johnny Lane Garrison, Jr., Radio and TV Broadcasting; Owen Thomas Hall, Heating, Ventilation and AC Technology; Brandi Michele Harbert, Management; Caroline Amanda Hummer, Early Childhood Development; Jessie Lee Krohn, Nursing; Michael Whitman Link, General Technology; Nina Pearl Mattison, General Technology; Ruth Lynn Millar, Associate in Arts; Roger Wayne Miller, Computer Technology; Wanda Joan Moore, Medical Lab Technology; Hubert Shelley, Jr., General Technology; Rebecca Jane Teixeira, Administrative Office Technology; Martha Dowd Williams, Nursing; and Rebecca N. Yeargin, Nursing

From Piedmont:

         Alice T. Anderson, Veterinary Technology; Jessica Gail Bleckley, Nursing; Ronald Scott Gentry, Practical Nursing; Michael Lee Helmuth, Management; Michael Conley Wilkinson, Nursing        

From Sandy Springs:

         Suzanne Ruth Avenall, Medical Lab Technology

From Starr:

         Jenisha Lynnette Berry, Nursing; Cynthia Meredith Bush, Management; James Thomas Cape, Machine Tool Technology; Ashley Caroline Cook, Nursing; Jennifer Lee Donehue, Nursing; Kelly Suzanne Farmer, Nursing; Caitlin Ashley Lewis, Computer Technology; De'Anna Jo Mathews, Pre-Nursing; Maria I. McIntyre, Administrative Office Technology; Brittany Noelle Miceli, Management; John Andrew Purcell, Management; Betty Bernice Roper, Pre-Nursing; Bradly Russell Zepeda, Criminal Justice Technology                  

From Townville:

         Tracy Joann Berryhill, Accounting; Amy Clarese Bibb, Nursing; John Stephen Bradberry, Machine Tool Technology; Randi Rebecca Emery, Human Resource Specialist; Cathy Marie Jennings, Practical Nursing; Theresa Gayle Judd, Practical Nursing; Amanda Marie McDougall, Pre-Nursing; and Julia Esposito Rice, Financial Accounting         

From Williamston:

         Chant'E Shanell Bolden, Early Childhood Development; James Nicholas Burdette, Computer Technology; Demetrius Clark, Criminal Justice Technology; Travis Wayne Cobb, Associate in Arts; Amie Lynn Ellison, Associate in Arts; Richard Elwood Freemantle, General Technology; Paul Wilbur Fulbright, III, General Technology; Matthew Thomas Gunter, General Technology; Patrick Nicholas Hart, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Michael Carpono Hill, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Melanie Renee Ison, Nursing; Velma V. Massey, Administrative Office Technology; Ellen Marie Hesterly Minnie, Nursing; and Miles Sirkel Teehan, Industrial Electronics Technology                                             

Oconee County

From Fair Play:

         Ryan Lynn Cobler, Associate in Arts; Racheal Ann Elizabeth Freeman, Pre-Nursing; Patty Danette Moseley, Management; and Shannon Kennedy Owens, Nursing

From Mountain Rest:

         Diane Margaret Cobb, Nursing; Krysten Michelle Chapman, Nursing; Zachary Michael Miller, General Technology; Melanie Ranee Taylor, Early Childhood Development; and Michael George Vinson, General Technology        

From Newry:

         Maggie Elizabeth Fincannon, Nursing

From Salem:

         Stephanie Nicholle Corado, General Studies; and Jennifer Rene Pelfrey, Nursing         

From Seneca:

         Jacob Max Amerson, Industrial Electronics Technology; Brandon Scott Barker, Computer Technology; Dillon Boone Barrs, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Paige Marie Blackmon, Associate in Arts; Katie Lyn Brown, Nursing; Nathaniel Tyler Cain, Criminal Justice Technology; Andrew Chase Crane, General Technology; Kathy Sue Cooper, Medical Office Specialist; Bradley Scott Dale, Basic Masonry; Crystal Leann Dean, Administrative Office Technology; Mary Lucille Drury, Associate in Science; Jessica Marie Dubose, Nursing; Charles Jody Durham, General Technology; Blake Edward Elliott, Associate in Arts; Isaac Armond Gibson, Gas and Arc Welding; Andrea Lynn Gorton, Nursing; Angelus Nanita Goodine, General Technology; Ethan Nathaniel Graham, General Technology; Angela E. Hannah, General Technology; Austin Bryant Hardee, General Technology; Debra Berline Hart, Nursing; Megan Elizabeth Hembree, Medical Lab Technology; Casey Lyn Henson, Associate in Science; James Rives Hestir, General Technology; Connie Annette Holcomb, Associate in Science; Tamara Marie Holland, Associate in Arts; Donna Marie Hyslop, Nursing; Jessica Beth Jameson, Nursing; John Thomas Jones, Jr., Medical Lab Technology; Kelly Alyse King, Associate in Science; Donna Sue Lawall, Management; Samuel Elijah Lewis, Management; Andrew Scott Lynch, Associate in Arts; Megan N. Moss, Nursing; Teresa Annette Moss, Associate in Science; Chase Sterling Pate, Accounting; Dannaca Michelle Patterson, Administrative Office Technology; Brian Thomas Plank, Veterinary Technology; William Joseph Pointer, Industrial Electronics Technology; Tabita Eba Romero, Criminal Justice Technology; Thomas Earl Rowland, Industrial Electronics Technology; Ashley Iona Smith, Pre-Nursing; William Cabell Staples, Computer Technology; Jeff Stone, Criminal Justice Technology; Robert Louis Tedford, General Technology; Danielle Yvette Verner, Administrative Office Technology; Sheena Jenelle Watt, General Technology; Adam J. Wiebelt, Computer Technology; and Jennifer Leigh Zambito Worley, Pre-Nursing

From Tamassee:

         Jessica Jacobs Ellis, Management; and Jessica M. Oh, Associate in Arts

From Walhalla:

         Tyler Jansen Bagley, Associate in Arts; Ashley Denise Bates, Nursing; Jonathan Gutierrez, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Rhonda Pettit Fowler, Accounting; Kris Jay Imbody, Pre-Nursing; Judy Morris Irvin, Associate in Arts; Stephanie Carol Long, Industrial Supervision Technology; Derek Matt McElreath, Nursing; Lesette Maglunsod Putnam, Nursing; Christina Dawn Revis, Administrative Office Technology; Amy Faith Smitherman, Accounting; Larra Beth Watson, Medical Lab Technology; Dustin Timothy Wilber, General Technology; Benjamin David Williamson, Nursing; and Shannon Lee Winchester, General Technology

From West Union:

         Steven Philip Culbertson, Industrial Electronics Technology; Francis Bailey Hannigan, Associate in Arts; Vincent Anthony Kreuzberger, Associate in Science; Melissa Linda Tribble, Management; Jennifer Marie Webb, Practical Nursing; Jacob Pickens Wilson, General Technology; and Lucas Steven Wilson, General Engineering Technology                           

From Westminster:

         Jason Edward Beasley, Associate in Science; Christopher Wayne Blackwell, General Technology; Bridgette Michelle Boggs, Administrative Office Technology; Charles Andrew Browning, Computer Technology; Robert Christopher Coley, Associate in Arts; Donna Lynn Crain, Pre-Nursing; Joley Michelle Dixon, Associate in Arts; Patrick Joseph Hare, Machine Tool Technology; Lacci Luann Holbrooks, Veterinary Technology; Cassandra Renee Jenkins, Practical Nursing; Ramona Faye Jones, Administrative Office Technology; Zachary Ross Lancaster, Nursing; Benjamin Ronald Martin, Criminal Justice Technology; Ashley Nicole Mitchem, Pre-Nursing; Amanda Jean Morales, Pre-Nursing; Robin Michelle Smith, Nursing; and Brittany Danielle Stone, Pre-Nursing         

Pickens County

From Central:

         Paula Suzette Barnes, Radio and TV Broadcasting; John Parker Bauer, Financial Accounting; Jenna Christine Belfance, Management; Jessica Robin Berkshire, Administrative Office Technology; Marla Tyler Boggs, Associate in Arts; Blythe Elizabeth Brookshire, Associate in Arts; Zachary Tucker Brown, Medical Lab Technology;  Jarell Deon Dawkins, Management; Michael Thomas Dozier, Associate in Arts; Amy Victoria Foose, Nursing; Nathan John Foose, Nursing; Rose Palmer Hawkins, Computer Technology; Susan Elizabeth Hedrick, Data Entry Clerk; Kathryn Michelle Jackson, Nursing; Dolan Shamith Jahn, Welding; Cynthia Elizabeth Kwietniewski, Accounting; Zebulon McMillan, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Kelsey Lou Penley, Management;          Sara Alice Sigman, Industrial Supervision Technology; Pennie Marie Sullivan, Nursing; Yanhong Sun, Accounting; Leanna Caroliana Terry, Veterinary Technology; and Britteny Annilaurie Watkins, Associate in Science        
From Clemson:

         Ashley Nicole Aaron, Nursing; Jessica Michelle Aley, Associate in Arts; Moniet Anyscka Creebsburg, Associate in Science; Matthew Joseph DeClue, Associate in Arts; Jonathan Robert Devault, Gas and Arc Welding; Kendra LeAnne Edwards, Nursing; Caroline Nicole Gallagher, Administrative Office Technology; Kara Jane Garber, Nursing; Latoya M Greenlee, General Technology; Joseph Westberry Hiott, Engineering Graphics Technology; Katherine P Holder, Associate in Arts; Charles David Homesley, Jr., General Technology; Blake Elliott Jennings, Criminal Justice Technology; Lisa Ann Jerolamon, Associate in Arts; Laura Ann McMann, Nursing; Justin Ryan McNeill, Medical Lab Technology; Alison Marie Mescall, Pre-Nursing; Brian Raymond Moroney, Medical Lab Technology; Precious Quinnoes Randolph, Nursing; Megan Elizabeth Sharpe, Associate in Science; Amanda Kay Smith, Nursing; Lori Brooke West, Pre-Nursing; Ryan Anthony White, Associate in Arts; Woaquina Navada Williams, Accounting Brian Matthew Wilson, Management; and Aaron Allen Witte, General Technology        

From Easley:

         Ellis Ahuja, Criminal Justice Technology; Robert Guy Baker, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Scott Michael Bernshausen, Nursing; Tomi Jo Billups, Practical Nursing; Jessielyn Mendoza Bolt, Pre-Nursing; Liana Rebecca Brown, General Technology; Martinze O'Neal Buchanan, General Technology; Heather Nicole Casper, Accounting; Ashley N. Cooley, Nursing; Patricia B. Cruthirds, Nursing; Diana Marie Demarchis, Nursing; Regina Lynne Dennis, Associate in Science; Samantha J. Doyle, Veterinary Technology; William Todd Ellis, Criminal Justice Technology; Jessica Latres Epps, Administrative Office Technology; Emily Nicole Garrett, Nursing; Justin Samuel Grant, Management; Todd Frederick Griggs, Associate in Arts; William Christopher Hayes, Industrial Electronics Technology; Kristen Denise Henry, Accounting; Haden Aaron Holcombe, Management; Andrew Clifton Holder, Industrial Electronics Technology; Tiffany Jade Hoover, Early Childhood Development; Brenda Lee Jackson, Nursing; Jennie Prince Todd Kelly, Accounting; Cody Lee King, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Jessica Nicole Logan, Criminal Justice Technology; Shauntavia Ayanna McCullough, Nursing; Matthew Randell McKee, Computer Technology; Brian Todd Muse, Industrial Electronics Technology; Ndidi K. Ndieli-Field, Management; Kevin James Norris, Machine Tool Technology; Wanda Fay O'Berry, Nursing; Kristy Ray O'Laughlin, Nursing; Michael James Oliver, Basic Masonry; Frank Charles Phelps, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Johnny W. Puleo, General Technology; Freddie Dean Sims, Basic Electronics; Kimberly Dawn Sons, Nursing; Kathryn Anne Sowinski, Nursing; Justin Kyle Spencer, Associate in Arts; Leah Elizabeth Styles, Nursing; Shane Donovan Vanhook, Associate in Arts; Karen Kay Walker, Veterinary Technology; and Karen Suzanne Zimmer, Pre-Nursing

From Liberty:

         Samantha Ann Arnold, Computer Technology; Edward Clarence Bland, Computer Technology; Rachel Howard Browne, Medical Lab Technology; Monica Rose Cabrera, Engineering Graphics Technology; Kevin Sanford Edmond, General Technology; Allison Elizabeth Gantt, Management; Courtney Leigh Anne Gilstrap, Computer Technology; Jordan Rae Greenwood, Associate in Science; Jordan Rae Greenwood, Associate in Science; Brittany Leigh Hardy, Nursing; Charles Mitchell James, Criminal Justice Technology; Robin Anita Kyle, Associate in Arts; Richelle Ann Law, Veterinary Technology; Kayla Michelle Masters, Associate in Arts; Jack Alan Myers, General Technology; Alexis Jordan Owens, Pre-Nursing; Megan Mechelle Sammons, Administrative Office Technology; Amber Dannielle Sisk, Nursing; Pamela Hardy Summey, Nursing; Sherry Diane Turner, Administrative Office Technology; Ellen Marie Underwood, Administrative Office Technology; Calvin Walker, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Jessica Chi Wagner, Criminal Justice Technology; Levi Dylan Willimon, Criminal Justice Technology; and Abigail Lynnett Wilson, Nursing

From Norris:

         Krystal Gail McKee, Industrial Electronics Technology

From Pickens:

         Thomas Cody Bowen, Gas and Arc Welding;Donna Beverly Bradberry, Practical Nursing; Jerad Henry Clark, Industrial Electronics Technology; Jessica Marie Coley, Associate in Science; Tiffany Nicole Ellenburg, Management; Brandon Jeffrey Grant, Engineering Graphics Technology; Melissa Jaudon Hayes, Management; Crystal Dawn Hickey, Pre-Nursing; Krystal Elaine Jones, Practical Nursing; Sharon Dianne McCall, General Technology; Michael Stephen Morgan, Jr., Associate in Science; Thomas Joseph Nunn, Engineering Graphics Technology; Britney Lee Owen, Radio and TV Broadcasting; Samuel Gary Joseph Pour, Gas and Arc Welding; James Powell, General Technology; Thomas Polk Price, Associate in Science; Lily Magdalena Rosas, Pre-Nursing; Adam Douglas Sanders, Industrial Electronics Technology; Timothy John Sargent, Criminal Justice Technology; Christopher Edward Shaw, Welding; Debra Lynn Summerall, Financial Accounting; and Jon Reginald White, Jr., Business Foundations                                                                                           
From Powdersville:

         Celestin Ekokobe, Nursing

From Six Mile:

         Scott Allen Gray, Heating, Ventilation and AC Technology; Joseph Larkin Hale, Gas and Arc Welding; Kelli Stewart Hall, Pre-Nursing; Amy Christina Marshall, Nursing; Leah Ann Merck, Nursing; James Casey Powell, Associate in Science; and Jake Aaron Tweito, Computer Technology        

From Sunset:

         Russell Loyd Ellenburg, Industrial Electronics Technology

Out of County

From Aiken:        

         Sarah Evelyn Hasty, Veterinary Technology; and Karen Kathryn Padgett, Radio and TV Broadcasting

From Batesburg:

         Brandon Lee Addy, Associate in Science

From Camden:

         Justin Lucas Blackmon, Gas and Arc Welding; and Matthew E. McKenzie, Criminal Justice Technology

From Cheraw:

         Kaleb Thomas Morrell, Associate in Arts

From Columbia:

         Stephen Robert Beaman, Computer Technology; Amanda Elizabeth Eastham, Nursing; and Fonda Renee Finney, Nursing

From Florence:

         Joseph Benjamin Finklea, Associate in Arts

From Gaston:

         Nancy Danielle Jeffcoat, Nursing

From Greenville:

         Jeffrey Allen Burrell, Medical Lab Technology; Stefanie Lauren Clark, Practical Nursing; Christopher James Cobb, Nursing; Eugene Gartrell, Heating, Vent and AC Technology; Morgan Brittney Greene, Nursing; Kalisha T. Hampton, Practical Nursing; Stephanie Patrice Kirkpatrick, Nursing; Gladys Diane Lawson, Nursing; Ricky Lynn Mabe, Associate in Arts; Jean Ann Martinez, Practical Nursing; Patrick Brian Sherren, Nursing; and Caroline Flippin Spears, Pre-Nursing

From Greenwood:

         Paul Carter Gillespie, General Technology; and Susan Tracey Johnson, Practical Nursing

From Greer:

         Keisha Nicole Brown, Nursing; Dominique Maria Cavalluzzi-Lovejoy, Nursing; and Jayne Lee Hutcheson, Veterinary Technology

From Irmo:

         Heather Nicole Tracy, Veterinary Technology

From Laurens:

         Rhonda Lynn Brady, General Technology; and Joshua Steven Fridy, Management
From Little Mountain:

         Nicholas Brent Huffstetler, Associate in Arts

From Little River:

         Justin Chase Childers, Associate in Science

From Loris:

         Brittany Marie Koss, Veterinary Technology

From Mauldin:

         Catherine Ann Moore, Nursing
From Monetta:

         Ernest Tillman Padgett, III, Management

From Moore:

         Sara Elizabeth Cobb, Radio and TV Broadcasting; and Richard Anthony Peay, Associate in Arts         

From Mount Pleasant:

         Ann Marie Bohnstengel, Veterinary Technology

From Myrtle Beach:

         Annie Laurie Esler, Criminal Justice Technology

From North Myrtle Beach:

         Thomas Joseph Daily, Associate in Science; and Steven Orion Miller, General Technology;

From Saint George:

         Brooke Nicole Canady, Pre-Nursing

From Simpsonville:

         Leah Anne Austin, Veterinary Technology;          Rebecca Catherine McCarter, Associate in Arts; and Callie Ann Stuart, Veterinary Technology

From Spartanburg:

         Lisa Mia Means, Nursing; Allyson Brooke Pettit, Associate in Science; Dara Prak, Nursing; and Derrick Lamont Talley, General Technology         

From Taylors:

Latonya Denise Pretty, Nursing

From Travelers Rest:

Meredith Taylor Epps, Nursing; and James Carlisle Foster, IV, Nursing

From Ware Shoals:
         Glenn Edward Bowers, General Technology

From Winnsboro:

         Quincy Earl Davis, Criminal Justice Technology 

From York:

         Stephen McClure Lowry, Industrial Electronics Technology



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