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Jayne Hutcheson

Jayne Hutcheson is among the three veterinary technology students, chosen nationwide from 20 applicants, to participate in a year-long paid internship program at the University of Tennessee (UT).  The University's Veterinary Technician Internship Program is the only one of its kind in the country.

Veterinary Technology Grad Chosen for Prestigious Internship at UT


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                                                                                                           (By Lisa Garrett)

         PENDLETON --- Providing compassionate care for animals is what Jayne Hutcheson is passionate about.

         As a student in Tri-County Technical College's Veterinary Technology program for the past two years and a weekend employee at the Animal Emergency Clinic of Greenville, she has had many diverse and unique opportunities to build a strong foundation as a veterinary technician.

         Beginning in June she will broaden those opportunities.  She is among the three veterinary technology students, chosen nationwide from 20 applicants, to participate in a year-long paid internship program at the University of Tennessee (UT).  The University's Veterinary Technician Internship Program is the only one of its kind in the country.

         The veterinary technician internship program is a rotating internship for graduate veterinary technicians through the Small Animal Teaching Hospital.  It is designed to offer the technician the opportunity to increase knowledge and gain practical experience in an educational environment. Only graduates of AVMA-accredited Veterinary Technology programs are considered.

         "I am so excited.  I love this field and I love caring for animals," said Hutcheson, who will receive her degree at Tri-County's spring commencement May 10.  "I am so honored and humbled to be chosen. I hope to do everybody proud."

         Tri-County alumna Lisa Watkins, a former adjunct instructor at the College, a licensed veterinary technician, and Hutcheson's colleague at the Greenville Emergency Clinic, was selected in 2006 to participate in a year-long internship at the Animal Medical Clinic (AMC) in New York.  (The internship program for veterinary technicians is no longer in existence.)  " I hope I come back as skilled and knowledgeable and confident as she is," said Hutcheson, a Greenville resident. 

         For the next year, Hutcheson will do a rotating internship in a small animal hospital at the university, said Janet Jones, clinic director at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine.

           Core rotations include anesthesia, radiology, internal medicine, surgery, oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology and day and after-hours ICU.  Elective rotations include avian/exotics, rehabilitation, integrative medicine and nutrition.  "This program prepares her to be more marketable in a teaching hospital or a large referral hospital," said Jones.  "She will go to rounds and seminars with residents and interns.  We were looking for students who stood out - those who demonstrate an interest in learning more.  We aren't looking for future veterinarians. We choose those who want to continue to work as veterinary technicians."  Hutcheson is the first Tri-County graduate chosen for the program.

         "I will get a taste of it all, and will be taught by the best under the direction of licensed veterinary technicians.  There are many areas of veterinary medicine that I would love to explore. My expectations from this internship are that it will further my knowledge and competency of the skills I already possess and provide me with exposure to those areas that I have not experienced," Hutcheson said.

         "My future professional goals are developing as I learn more about veterinary medicine. I want to do everything. I love technician work and assisting with cases and diagnostics, and I also enjoy being a key part of the veterinary team," she added.

         She says Tri-County prepared her for her job at the Greenville Emergency Clinic and for the upcoming internship.  "I have worked with and been taught by skilled veterinarians and instructors.  I feel ready.  I've learned how to think and act quickly." 

     "Jayne is a wonderful student who has an excellent work ethic -- always willing to do whatever task is asked of her, and even doing things without having to be asked," said Dr. Peggy Champion, head of Tri-County's Veterinary Technology program. 

     "She is self-motivated in every aspect of her life and this has spilled over into motivating her classmates, who come from a variety of ages and backgrounds.  She also has leadership skills, which she has utilized in her responsibilities as the president of her class and National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) student chapter.  Though she is one of the youngest members of the class, she is definitely the leader of the class.  Of all the students I have taught over the years, Jayne is definitely one of the very best.  If I were still in practice, I would hire her at any cost because she will be an incredible asset," said Dr. Champion. 

         Christee Williams, licensed veterinary technician, instructor and coordinator of instructional activity at Tri-County, says, "Jayne is a hard worker who has superior clinical skills, which she has been willing to share with her classmates, both seniors and freshmen, by helping them practice skills and review course materials.  She has taken the initiative, not just with organizing student projects, but also helping to promote her profession and our program to the community.  During our program's re-accreditation site visit from the AVMA last fall, she was able to demonstrate her professionalism and personal integrity in interacting with the site visitors at a variety of meetings in conjunction with this visit.  In my more than 20 years of working in this program, I feel that she is one of the best graduates we will have and that she will truly be an asset to any organization." 

         For the past year and a half, Hutcheson worked at the Greenville Emergency Clinic on weekends. " I learned so much there.  I've been able to observe innovative and unusual procedures and surgeries. They helped me to grow as a person and as a technician." 

         In her letter of recommendation, Rana M. Sargent, hospital manager, writes, "I am excited that Jayne is interested in continuing her education as a veterinary technician.  I think she will not only be a great representative of the field, but that she has the intelligence, drive, and leadership skills to bring the profession to a higher level.  She is a remarkable servant leader and will do well in all future endeavors."

         Sargent continued:  "Jayne is a wonderful team member.  She is not just a good technician; she is a good person.  She is of the highest integrity and of exceptional personal character.  I feel if you were to ask any staff member here who has children, 'Who is the person you would most want your child to grow up to be like?' most staff members would say, 'Jayne.'  I know that I would." 


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