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Wanda White, of Anderson, proudly displays her Associate in Arts degree.

Same Strategies, Plans Used to Earn Degree Can Be Applied to Personal, Professional Lives, President Booth Tells Graduates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                           8/1/2014

                                                                                                (By Lisa Garrett)

ANDERSON --- Achieving an important goal, like earning a college degree, requires developing a plan and setting goals, coupled with discipline, perseverance and hard work, President Ronnie L. Booth told Tri-County Technical College's graduates in his summer commencement address.

Three-hundred-and-twenty-five students were eligible to receive degrees, diplomas and/or certificates during the College's 49th summer commencement held July 31 at the Anderson Civic Center.  To view a collage of graduation photos, click here.

The same plan and strategies they used to earn their Tri-County credentials can be applied in their personal and professional lives, he said.  "Once you have decided what is important in life, you need to make your goal tangible, real and known," he said.  "Develop a plan that is within your control to get to where you want to be.  Be flexible with this because life will change and you will have to adjust along the way."   It's helpful to develop concrete, clearly-defined short-term goals and adjust them as necessary, he said.

Once a plan is in place, you must measure your progress along the way, he advised.   "While you were enrolled at Tri-County this was called a "degree audit," the process whereby you worked with your advisor each semester to make sure you were on track for graduation. Apply that type of measurement to other goals in life."

He suggested finding an "accountability partner" to help stay focused.  Checking your progress is a way to gauge success along the way and is a real motivator, he said.

"Having goals that are a year, or five or ten or more out can be a long and hard journey if we have no interim times to celebrate. Break those goals into pieces that are meaningful and attainable in shorter blocks of time," he said.

"It is essential that we each continually refresh our thoughts and plans as we gather new information as life and circumstances change," said. 

"It is true that most good things come about as a result of commitment and hard work.  Writer Fredrick Douglass was right when he said, "If there is no struggle, there is no progress." Accomplishing your goals will take work. Work usually means hard effort, sweat, and maybe even tears. 

"When you enrolled at Tri-County, you had already decided one huge thing that was important in life - obtaining an education. And you achieved your goal. Your hard work got you here today because you decided this was important -- you developed a plan - you executed the plan - you gave up doing things that distracted you from your goal - you did not spend money on other things because you had to spend it on college - you persevered when you no longer thought you could - and you came to the celebration," he said.

Following the speech, Dr. Booth and other College officials presented degrees, diplomas and certificates to the following graduates:

Anderson County


Terri Adger, Administrative Office Technology;  Hanie Barakat, Associate in Science;  Kandace Bell, Associate in Science;  Robert Blanton, Practical Nursing;  Evan Campbell, General Engineering Technology;  Jasmine Campbell, Surgical Technology;  Rachel Campbell, Accounting;  Hayley Carver, Associate in Science;  Brittany Clinkscales, Management;  Marjorie Cohron, Administrative Office Technology;  Oreste Cummings, Human Resource Specialist; Bradley Daniel, Associate in Science;  Caleb Dawkins, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Sharon Dean, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Rianne Deiparine, Associate in Arts;  Joann Demos, Associate in Arts;  Lindsey Dobbins, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Brenda Dominguez, Practical Nursing;  Evan Fields, Criminal Justice Technology;  Charles Fisher, Administrative Office Technology;  Taimikilale Fowler, Associate in Arts;  Tamara Gibson, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Amber Gilliard, Nursing;  Denisha Gilliard, Nursing;  Rebecca Hall, Associate in Science;  Jordan Hanner, Associate in Arts;  Sonya Harper, Associate in Science;  Taylor Harper, Surgical Technology;  Portia Harris, Surgical Technology;  Dale Henrique, Computer Technology;  Marley Hill, Practical Nursing;  Tera Holland, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Braxton Howard, Practical Nursing;  Jessica Jackson, Associate in Science;  Tevarous Johnson, University Studies;  Alexander Kaeser, Management;  Selma Kay, Associate in Arts;  Deana Kelly, Nursing;  Elisha Keown, Nursing;  Bradley Kinley, Associate in Science;  Katelyn Kirby, Practical Nursing;  Thomas Leidel, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Angela Lowe, Nursing;  Kendall Madray, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Olga Marett, Associate in Science;  April Martin, Administrative Office Technology;  Kimberly Martin, Accounting;  Jacqueline McAlister, General Technology - Early Childhood;  Kelsey McCown, Medical Assisting;  Katherine McGuire, Associate in Science;  Ryan McLees, Engineering Graphics Technology;  Chelsea Murphy, Associate in Arts;  Morgan Neisess, Administrative Office Technology;  Rose Norton, Medical Assisting;  Machaela Orange, Nursing;  Brandie Patterson, Medical Assisting;  Tamika Paul, Practical Nursing;  Rhonda Phillips, Criminal Justice Technology;  Matthew Pierce, Nursing;  Karen Pitzer, Associate in Science;  Pierre Plumer, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Weston Rainey, General Technology - Welding;  Melodee Rosopa, Associate in Arts;  Haley Scruggs, Practical Nursing;  Sallie Shaw, Administrative Office Technology;  James Skaggs, General Engineering Technology;  Kayce Stalnaker, Medical Office Specialist;  Nathan Starwalt, Accounting;  Daniel Talley, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology;  Matthew Thomas, Associate in Science;  Spearman Trado, Associate in Arts;  Megan Tripamer, Medical Assisting;  Suzette Valeus, Management;  Michelle Vaughn, General Technology - Early Childhood;  Katherine Waddell, Administrative Office Technology;  Amanda Wadnik, Criminal Justice Technology;  Charles White, Practical Nursing;  Wanda White, Associate in Arts;  Melody Wiley, Medical Assisting;  Grant Williamson, Associate in Science;  and Carolyn Zenoni, Medical Assisting 


Bernice Cortez Handlon, Medical Assisting;  Tyrone Davis, Criminal Justice Technology;  Cayla Gunter, Associate in Arts;  Tracie Lacatena, Nursing;  Abigail Payne, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Sommur Robinson, Practical Nursing;  Ruslan Shkaradyuk, Associate in Science;  Cortney Snodgrass, General Technology - Early Childhood;  Jessica Stone, Practical Nursing; and  Keifer Whitt, General Technology - Mechatronics


Heather Bonds, Medical Assisting; and Kenzie Brock, Associate in Science


Leah Norris, Accounting; Kandis Powell, Medical Assisting; Timothy Prince, Industrial Welding; Emily Shaw, Nursing; Pamela Thompson, Practical Nursing; and Brittney Watt, Practical Nursing


Michael Holcombe, Industrial Welding; and Courtney James, Associate in Arts


Lamyaa Alqarni, Computer Technology; Melissa Brown, Human Resource Specialist; Tacey Daves, Practical Nursing; Emily Hester, Medical Assisting; Daniel Keithly, General Technology - Welding; Nirali Patel, Medical Assisting; and Jo Scarborough-Clark, Associate in Science


Laura Cox, Medical Assisting; Melissa Danner, Nursing; Juliette Maddox, Associate in Science; Khoiuy Pham, Practical Nursing;  April Sharpe, Surgical Technology;  Margarita Simmons, Practical Nursing; and Brian Viele, Industrial Electronics Technology


David Cook, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology; Clariessa Gantt, Medical Assisting;  Courtney Smith, Practical Nursing;  Richard Truman, Associate in Science; and Kristina Wadnik, Criminal Justice Technology


Nathanael Kirkpatrick, Associate in Science; Kenny Nicholson, Practical Nursing; Anthony Varner, General Technology - Mechatronics; and Laura Wicker, Practical Nursing


Kayla Duncan, Veterinary Technology; Lachelle Mccann, Administrative Office Technology; William Pritchett, Practical Nursing; and Jennifer Thrasher, Practical Nursing

Oconee County


Rebecca Towe, Administrative Office Technology


Kayla Alling, Associate in Science;  Zachary Ballenger, Industrial Welding;  Heather Barton, Practical Nursing;  Hannah Brooks, Associate in Science;  Timothy Carter, University Studies ;  Casey Chavis, General Technology - Welding;  Forrest Cox, Industrial Welding;  Charles Durham, General Technology - Mechatronics;  Lorena Durham, Accounting;  Marissa Fortin, Medical Assisting;  Natalie Goldsmith, Practical Nursing;  Amy Graham, Surgical Technology;  Brenna Graham, University Studies;  Ronald Harbin, Criminal Justice Technology;  Emily Harris, Managerial Accounting;  Windy Hendrix, Medical Assisting;  Erin Hiler, Associate in Arts;  Toni Honea, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Jason Lusk, General Technology - Mechatronics;  Robert Medlin, Associate in Science;  Robert Metler, General Technology - Welding;  Rhonda Miller, Medical Office Specialist;  Richard Oraham, General Technology - Mechatronics;  Maranda Patterson, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Brandy Pinkerton, Graphic Communications;  Braxton Richardson, General Technology - Welding;  Daphne Sandifer, Practical Nursing;  Victoria Schiazza, Associate in Science;  Teresa Simpson, Criminal Justice Technology;  James Sweenor, General Engineering Technology;  Glenda Thoma, Nursing;  Lauren Thomason, Nursing;  Latoya Walker, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting; and Marcus Wiley, Criminal Justice Technology


Joseph Marcus, Associate in Science


Amy Blackwell, Management;  Alberto Brando, Associate in Arts;  Colin Carter, Management;  Bryon Gibson, Associate in Science;  Margarita Gutierrez, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Casy James, Criminal Justice Technology;  Bruce Lipscomb, Associate in Arts;  Maritza Metris, Management;  Shannon Poore, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Casey Reid, Associate in Science;  Joseph Reid, General Technology - Mechatronics;  Kellie Rose, Associate in Science;  Brett Smith, General Technology - Welding;  Melissa Smith, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Ashley Taylor, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Ashley Towe, Associate in Arts;  Taylor Ungaro, General Technology - Mechatronics;  Michael Wallis, Engineering Graphics Technology; Corbin Welsh, Automotive Technology;  Sarah Young, Management; and Laura Ziluck, Medical Assisting


Joseph Cassell, Industrial Welding; Joseph Cochran, Associate in Arts; Matthew Conway, Management; and Kyle Pearson, Nursing


Junior Chupp, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Dennis Cooper, Engineering Graphics Technology;  Christine Fey, Medical Assisting;  Kendra Hawkins, Associate in Arts;  William Herron, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Ramona Jones, Medical Assisting;  Ronald Rogers, General Technology - Mechatronics;  Ester Sangster, Office Support Specialist;  Samuel Scott, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology;  Erica Stubbs, Surgical Technology;  Logan Taylor, Medical Laboratory Technology;  and Alise Turner, Nursing

Pickens County


Benjamin Barber, Associate in Arts;  David Bearden, Basic Machining;  Lorena Blackmon, Associate in Arts;  Kimberley Boyer, Practical Nursing;  Timothy Brown, Engineering Graphics Technology;  Samual Corley, General Engineering Technology;  Ron Davis, Associate in Arts;  Angela Evans, Surgical Technology;  Moriah Gaines, Criminal Justice Technology;  Tyler Howard, Associate in Science;  Ashley Kilby, Surgical Technology;  Roderick Maree, Associate in Science;  James Moser, Management;  Richard Pearce, General Technology - Welding;  Stephanie Quarles, Veterinary Technology;  Kevin Robinson, General Technology - Mechatronics;  Joseph Shieder, Associate in Science;  Kelsey Smith, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Pamela Stewart, Medical Assisting;  Gregory Stoddard, General Technology - Welding;  and Spencer Wilson, Associate in Science


David Adekunle, Associate in Arts;  Taylor Clearman, Associate in Science;  Mary Cunningham, Medical Office Specialist;  Susan Dunn, General Technology - Mechatronics;  Jared Jent, Associate in Science;  Kristy McHenry, Surgical Technology;  Amber Soles, Nursing; and Jessica Westbury, Associate in Science


Scott Alexander, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Brian Austin, Radio and TV Broadcasting;  Alexandra Blake, Associate in Science;  Zena Bradshaw, Associate in Science;  Cornelia Brown, Early Childhood Development;  Jacob Burgess, General Technology - Mechatronics;  Lori Burgess, Practical Nursing;  Mallory Burr, Surgical Technology;  Gina Burton, Criminal Justice Technology;  David Chapman, Management;  Zachary Crumbaker, General Technology - Welding;  Matthew Davis, Criminal Justice Technology;  Gloria Edwards, Criminal Justice Technology;  Kayla Ellis, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Maria Garces, Practical Nursing;  Jacklyn Gay, Surgical Technology;  Derek Geise, Practical Nursing;  Jacob George, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Jonathan Gravley, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology;  Jessica Gray-Brewer, General Technology - Welding;  Ashley Hare, Management;  Leah Jones, Associate in Science;  Lindzie McAlister, Medical Assisting;  Joshua McCoy, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Samuel Merck, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology;  Seanna Miller, Associate in Science;  Jacob Ramsey, University Studies ;  Jessica Robinson, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Taylor Ryals, Associate in Science;  Brittney Scurry, University Studies ;  Rachel Simmons, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Sarah Stegall, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Billy Todd, General Technology - Welding;  Victor Walden, General Technology - Welding;  Kathryn White, Associate in Science;  and Cheyenne Yates, Administrative Support


Brent Cope, Machine Tool Technology;  Stephanie Cope, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Danyelle Frady, Associate in Science;  Jesse Hester, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Judy Holder, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting;  Kristie James, Surgical Technology;  Joshua Malpass, General Technology - Welding;  James Shelton, General Technology - Welding;  Leticia Taylor, Computer Technology;  Brandon Vinson, Industrial Electronics Technology;  and Alisha Wiles, Surgical Technology


Branden Monkus, General Technology - Mechatronics


Thomas Bowen, General Technology - Welding; Cala Casio, Surgical Technology;  Lauren Holliday, Practical Nursing;  Bradley Johnson, Industrial Welding;  Jacob Kelley, Industrial Electronics Technology;  Ashley Parker, Associate in Science;  Toni Riddle, Practical Nursing;  Elisabeth Roth, Veterinary Technology;  and Michelle Watson, Management


Eryn Alewine, Practical Nursing;  John Lollis, General Technology - Welding;  Megan Porter, Medical Office Specialist;  William Ward, General Technology - Welding;  and Austin Wilbanks, Engineering Graphics Technology


Jared Little, Management



Dalton Meers, Associate in Science;


William Lawrence, Associate in Arts


Jamal Washington, Associate in Science


Michael McQueen, General Technology - Welding


Julia Crabtree, Associate in Science


Daniel Lake, Industrial Welding


Ryan Burns, General Technology - Welding


Taylor Brown, Associate in Science


Catherine Etheredge, Practical Nursing


Obinna Iluba, Practical Nursing;            Michelle Marshall, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting; and Florence Taylor, Associate in Science


Christopher Daugherty, Radio and TV Broadcasting; and Melissa Gray, Management


Erin Diebold, Veterinary Technology; and Casey Shealy, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting


Kandace Waters, Veterinary Technology


Marisa Lorenzoni, Veterinary Technology


Ashlyn Lynch, Associate in Arts


Gregory Crosby, General Engineering Technology


Kayla Jeffcoat, Practical Nursing


Ansley Davis, Associate in Science


Jason McKay, Industrial Supervision Technology





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