Thursday, May 16, 2013

Evan Bryson was selected for a summer internship at Presbyterian College's School of Pharmacy.

Evan Bryson Awarded Summer Internship at Presbyterian College’s School of Pharmacy


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                                                                                                (By Lisa Garrett)

            PENDLETON --- When Tri-County Technical College Science Department Head Suzanne Ellenberger heard about the summer internship opportunities at Presbyterian College's School of Pharmacy, Evan Bryson was the first student who came to her mind.

            "I immediately thought of him because he fits the profile of the kind of students Presbyterian is looking for," said Ellenberger.  "He is a serious, straight-A student who is dedicated to his studies and who is always looking for a new challenge."

            Presbyterian College agrees - Bryson was offered one of six internship positions this summer at the Clinton-based college.   He was among the 20 who applied and competed for the internships.   Three were awarded to Presbyterian College students and three to non-PC students.

            He received an e-mail May 1 notifying him that he was accepted.  "It made my day," the Easley resident said. 

            "I am so honored," said Bryson, who begins the eight-week full-time paid internship June 3.  "The day after I heard about the internship, I attended Presbyterian's Open House and I looked up Dr. Sara Sweitzer (associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences and director of research) to talk about the program.  What she told me sounded like a tremendous opportunity to get practical experience in pharmacy, as well as to strengthen my pharmacy school application," he said.

            Next fall he will be back at Tri-County, completing the requirements for a degree in pre-pharmacy.

Like many, he says he always assumed a four-year degree was needed to apply to pharmacy school until he learned of Tri-County's program that gives students the same opportunities to apply to enter the School of Pharmacy that a four-year college or university would -- at a fraction of the time and cost.

            "The word is out to students in the Upstate that an academically qualified student can come to Tri-County and gain entry into pharmacy school at a fraction of the cost of a university. Tri-County Pre-Pharmacy students realize and appreciate the economic and educational advantage of smaller class sizes for rigorous courses with comparable chances for acceptance to pharmacy school," said Ellenberger.

            "The program is academically challenging," said Bryson, who is preparing to take the PCAT (pharmacy college admission test) next year. 

            "I didn't expect these opportunities when I enrolled at Tri-County," he said.  "Everything is really coming together."

            "This is an important opportunity for Evan," said Ellenberger, "and will be very helpful toward his admittance to pharmacy school. It shows he is head and shoulders above many of the students he is competing against."




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