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U.S. Veterans Administration Approves 10 Certificate-Based Training Courses through CCE Division

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                                                                                                            (By Lisa Garrett)

            PENDLETON --- The U.S. Veterans Administration has approved 10 certificate-based training courses through Tri-County Technical College's Corporate and Community Education Division.

These programs are designed to offer U.S. veterans quick training in a series of in-demand jobs. U.S. Veterans Affairs benefits cover the following courses:

160-hour Truck Driving Class A and Class B

 50-hour Computer Technician CompTIA A+ Certification

 40-hour CompTIA Network+ Certification

 40-hour Certified Logistics Associate (Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) certificate)

 40-hour Certified Logistics Technicians (Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) certificate)

160-hour Certified Production Technician (Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) certificate

 225.5-hour Heavy Equipment Operator (National Center for Construction Education and Research, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration certificate

110-hour Certified Nurse Aide (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program and SC Department of Health and Environmental Control)

240-hour Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification (national certificate regulated by the SC Emergency Medical Services Department of the Division of Health and Environmental Control

96-hour Core Introductory Craft Skills (National Center for Construction Education and Research certificate.

            These QuickJobs training classes can be completed in four - 24 weeks.  A student who successfully completes a program will be awarded a certificate and will be eligible to take an exam to earn additional national/state certifications and/or licenses.

            "We want to train our veterans so they can get back to work as quickly as possible," said Teresa Young, operators manager for Tri-County's CCE Division.  "It's easy to apply - veterans can work with our customer service staff to get the application and check list completed." 

            She added that veterans interested in taking a degree program should contact Wanda Pickens, Tri-County's veterans coordinator, at 646-2026.  Some of the CCE QuickJobs courses may qualify for credit toward an associate degree. 

            "We've received lots of calls and visits from veterans who are looking to retool for today's jobs," said Young.  "We want our vets to come home and look to Tri-County for retraining through our credit and non-credit classes." 

            For more information, contact 646-1700.


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