Mentoring Program

General Information About Mentoring for Connect to College

Connect to College (C2C) enables academically capable youth between the ages of 17-20 to simultaneously earn their high school diploma and college credit, up to and including a postsecondary credential. The first of its kind in South Carolina, Connect is a "second chance" program for students who, for a variety of reasons, have not been successful in a traditional high school. The program provides students with intensive support services that build confidence and foster success in a collegiate learning environment.

Mentoring enables Connect to College students to enter into guided, meaningful relationships with successful role models who foster personal growth, resilience, and a passion for learning on different and varied levels. The program offers four types of mentoring:

Situational Mentoring

An adult role model who has a situational association with the student provides guidance and support to the student during the duration of the formal association, or possibly longer depending on the interests of both the student and the mentor. (Examples include a teacher or staff person with whom the student develops rapport and trust.)

Peer Mentoring

A role model who is also a peer provides guidance and support to the student for a period of time determined by the student and the mentor. (Examples include Connect graduates who mentor students in their graduation term, or a teen mother successfully balancing school and parenting who mentors a pregnant student.)

Role Model/Interest Mentoring

An adult role model who has expertise in a specific area of interest provides insight, encouragement, and support to the student for a limited amount of time. (Examples include the Science department head who meets with a student several times to discuss her career interests and options in biomedical technology.)

Traditional Mentoring

An adult role model who is personable, approachable, and knowledgeable provides guidance and support to the student during regular and reoccurring meetings for a specified period of time. (Examples can include any adult with the time and personal attributes to be a successful role model and mentor.)

Mentoring is arranged and monitored by the C2C Instructional/Testing Specialist. Traditional and peer mentors receive training and materials prior to being placed with a mentee. All mentoring sessions occur in the Connect to College office or other easily accessible location (with appropriate monitoring) on the Tri-County Technical College campus.

Please consider becoming a mentor. Your time, your insights, and your support could make all the difference for a deserving Connect to College student! For more information, or to discuss your possible interest in mentoring, please contact Ms. Genia Berndt, Instructional/Testing Specialist, Connect to College, (864) 646-1495 or .

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