Katelyn R. - Success Story

I entered Connect to College (C2C) in the fall of 2012.  After being homeschooled, since 6th Grade,I put my best foot forward and tried attending high school. Feeling frustrated after my experience, I decided to go back to being homeschooled.  When my friend told me about the C2C program, I decided to investigate the program and seek sponsorship. "The thing that has been great about C2C is the support I receive from everyone.  It's not just about school with them, they care about you as a person, and what's going on in your life."  I want C2C students to know, "If you are not going to work hard, this is not the program for you.  Keep on pace with due dates, and stay in contact with your teachers.  Talk with people at C2C, they help!"  I am a proud graduate of Westside High School through the Connect to College program.



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