Vasilee D. - Success Story

I started the Connect to College (C2C) program in August 2014, hoping to leave behind the distractions of high school and find the freedom to focus on finishing my diploma."I had to learn how to learn - and how to be more responsible. Even though I had lots of help whenever I got a little off track, I still had to get the work done. I feel like I'm beginning to be a college student." I know I want to keep going with my college studies, first at Tri-County and then at either Clemson University or Coastal Carolina. I'm still trying to figure out my career direction, but I know I will earn at least a bachelor's degree. "Get on top of your game! Don't goof around, and always take time to thank the people who've been supporting you." Vasilee D.

Tri-County, Columbia College Presidents Sign Associate’s to Bachelor’s Degree Program Agreement

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Veterinary Technology Adoption Day is November 19

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Tri-County Chorus’ Holiday Concert Is November 20

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Group Orientation-Advising Event - Pendleton Campus, 1:30 PM (12/2/2015)

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Group Orientation-Advising Event - Anderson Campus, 9:00 AM (12/11/2015)

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Group Orientation-Advising Event - Easley Campus, 9:00 AM (12/15/2015)

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