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What Is It?

Cool new learning experiences in courses you're already required to take. Things like:
·      Capstone Courses
·      Learning Communities
·      Freshmen Seminars
·      Real-World Learning Experiences
·      Service Learning

Why Are We Doing It?

·      These experiences have been studied and proven to make a big difference in how much you learn and how you use it throughout your life.
·      Your credential will be even more valuable.
·      And you'll have the 21st century workplace skills to succeed.

When Are We Doing It?

·      In some programs, RIGHT NOW!
·      Other programs will be implementing these practices over the next five years.

How Will It Happen?

·      Your instructors will be in class just like you, learning new ways to teach and help you learn.
·      Then, they'll design activities that will be integrated into your classroom.
·      You will know the High Impact EDGE when you experience it!


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