Michelin Manufacturing Scholars

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The Michelin Manufacturing Scholars (MMS) program is a great "Learn and Earn" opportunity for people who meet specific criteria. (See our MMS Fact Sheet more information.)  Tuition, books, and even the cost of a parking decal are covered! And, what's more amazing - you will work part-time at Michelin US2 Sandy Springs while you're taking classes! If you successfully complete the program, you will:

  • Earn 9 credit hours and graduate from Tri-County with a college credential (Manufacturing Operators 1 Certificate)
  • Earn two national skill certifications
  • Receive documentation of skill training in Fork Lift Operator and Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing
  • Complete extensive Manufacturing Professional (MP) training on site as a component of your part-time employment
  • Receive an offer of full-time employment as a Manufacturing Professional (MP) at Michelin - either US2 in Sandy Springs or US8 in Starr - provided all hiring criteria are met

Interested in Learning More About MMS?
Applying to be considered for MMS requires several steps - the first one is to attend a free MMS/I-BEST Information Session at Tri-County's Pendleton Campus. Contact us today and we'll tell you how to get started! Julianne (864-646-1596; jdicicco@tctc.edu), Jenna (864-646-1521; jmccull1@tctc.edu), Cadie (864-646-1565; hours 4:30-6:30 pm, Mon-Thurs.) or Tri-County Admissions (864-646-1550).