Integrated Learning Community Proposal

An integrated learning community is a community that embeds components of a Freshman Seminar course (COL 105) that students need to succeed in the college environment.  The integrated learning community's purpose is to show students the connections between the course content and the behaviors of successful college students.  The connections will stem from what successful behaviors you as an instructor want the students to learn through your course content.  For example, an integrated learning community could be a BUS 101 course.  The title of this community might be something like "Would You Like Fries with that M.B.A.?"  Also, the same community would consist of embedded Freshman Seminar principles (eight behaviors of successful students) in the integrated assignments.  A possible integrated assignment could involve students discussing the topic of working with students and instructors different from themselves, a behavior covered in Freshman Seminar, and how these principles can be applied to an international business situation.  

If you are interested in designing an integrated learning community, download and complete the Integrated Learning Community Proposal form.  You will also find the Freshman Seminar (COL 105) Syllabus and A Guide to the Freshman Seminar Course helpful when completing the proposal process.  If you need feedback about a proposal idea, additional information about learning communities, and/or assistance with completing a proposal, please contact Amoena Norcross (864.646.1365 or 

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Integrated Learning Community Proposal Form

Freshman Seminar (COL 105) Syllabus

A Guide to the Freshman Seminar Course

Developed Integrated Learning Community Descriptions