Integrated Learning Communities Developed

The listing below represents the integrated learning communities that have already been developed.  An integrated learning community includes components of Freshman Seminar (COL 105) within the course's content.  The descriptions for each integrated learning community are those used to promote the particular community.  If you are interested in teaching one of these integrated learning communities, please contact Amoena Norcross (864.646.1365 or 

Know How and Numbers: The Basics of EIT Careers (MAT 170) 
Do you want an easier way to learn the fundamentals of physics and mathematics that are needed to excel in any engineering or industrial technology program?  Try this online integrated learning community experience!  It builds on the content of MAT 170, (Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry I).  Don't miss out!  This community is limited to students in the Engineering & Industrial Technology Division.

Psyched Up For Success!! (PSY 201)
Ever wondered if that Freshman Seminar course would really help you be successful in college?  YES, the ideas in Freshman Seminar can be helpful!  Can't find a way for it to fit into your schedule?  Do you need a social science class for your major?  Check out this standalone learning community where some of the key concepts from the Freshman Seminar course are embedded directly into PSY 201 (General Psychology)!  You will Psych Yourself Up For Success while learning psychology principles and theories!  Who knew learning about Pavlov, Freud, and all those disorders could be FUN?!?!

Success in College and Beyond: Work and Play Well with Others!! (PSY 120)
What does psychology have to do with your future?  How does learning about human behavior help you in your career path?  EVERYTHING!!!  College is only one aspect of your future, and it establishes a successful career path once you have graduated.  You will to need to know how to prepare a portfolio and effective résumé in order to get a job. You will need to know how to research local businesses in your job field.  You will also need to understand how to work with PEOPLE.  Yes, people!  In this integrated PSY 120 learning community, you will not only learn all these skills, but you will also prepare yourself for a successful future for college and beyond!!

Help! I'm Taking Bio 101! (BIO 101)
Are you concerned about doing well in Bio 101?  Do you have anxiety about learning all the molecular and chemical details?  In this learning community, we will work together in success teams to solve biology problems, participate in discussions, and complete assignments.  You will also learn test-taking skills, reading skills, and writing skills that will assist in mastery of the material.  This learning community will be structured around readings and activity-based instruction that will help you to be successful in BIO 101 and future biology courses.

Knowing Me, Knowing You:  It's the Best YOU Can Do (PSY 103)
Ever really wonder what makes people (and you yourself) tick?  Do you want a psychology course that helps you better understand other people and yourself?  How about a practical course chock full of information you can actually use every day to improve your life and even your relationships?  AND (yes, wait, there's more!) what if it could ALSO help you be successful in your college career?  This course combines the ever-so-helpful Freshman Seminar ideas with PSY 103 (Human Relations).  Students going into Expanded Duty Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, and Surgical Technology will want to take this course.

Finding Your Compass: A Science Major's Survival Guide (BIO 113)
Are you a science major who always made A's in high school? That first college Biology course can make you feel like you've been thrown into the wilderness! Lost takes on a new meaning amidst a forest of scientific writing, bioethical scenarios, and Latin names. In this course, you will use your learning style as a compass as you create your own survival guide of time management and study skills along with a bioethical toolbox to take with you as you continue your scientific journey!     

"GIT-R-DONE": Basic Writing for Success (ENG 032)
Do you struggle to grasp the principles of basic writing? Do you struggle with grammar? Do commas confuse you?  Do you dread the thought of writing college essays? Then this learning community is for you:  we'll help you "Git-R-Done" by putting the power to succeed back in your hands! Not only will your grammar and writing skills improve, but we'll also help you become a better learner, so you can succeed in all areas of college life. If you want to succeed, we'll help make sure you Git-R-Done!

Decode:  Deciphering Spanish 101 (SPA 101)
¡Ay, caramba!  Are you nervous about taking Spanish for the very first time ever????  What if you didn't take any language in high school and now you have to take it at the collegiate level?  Then, you are what we call a "true beginner" and this course is just for you!  In this course, your Instructor will help you develop the study skills and behaviors necessary to be successful in a college language class.  You will be completing part of your language requirement AND acquiring important skills such as goal setting, self-motivation, self-belief and becoming "learner-centered" ...all while laying the foundation for success at the basic level and the Spanish courses that follow!  ¡Vámonos!

Mission Possible: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking (SPC 205)
There are generally three goals to accomplish when giving a presentation: do the research; know the material; and have confidence the audience wants to hear what you have to say. However, if you are one of twenty-two million people who suffer from public speaking anxiety (PSA), the outcome doesn't always match the hours of preparation. This integrated learning community will put your public speaking fear into perspective, reduce nervousness and lack of focus, and work on avoidance behavior and anticipatory anxiety. The class will build on the principles of SPC 205 and use group participation to encourage your enjoyment of public speaking.

Debits, Credits, and Brain Power (ACC 101)
Do you often think you know the material only to do poorly on the test?  What happened between the time you studied and the time you took the test?  Why can't you recall what you studied?  Learn how to study so you remember the content - not just enough to get through the test but enough to use in the future.  This course will help you identify specific learning techniques and how they apply to accounting to help you develop the study skills needed to be successful in ACC 101 or any other course.  Learn how to use your brain to get the results you want!

Do you worry about doing well in a math class?  The LOOK! I CAN DO MATH!  learning community will help you develop study skills to succeed in Mathematics.  You will identify your learning style, you will learn how to take notes in a mathematics class, and you will learn how to study mathematics.  In doing so, you will also learn to manage your study time, to be a lifelong learner, to take personal responsibility and, to work with others.  All of these skills contribute to a successful college experience and success in post-college jobs.  Learning these skills early will positively impact your success throughout your life!

Microbiology and Beyond (BIO 115)
Did you know that microbes generate at least half the oxygen we breathe? Or that virus particles can travel at 320 kilometers an hour, faster than a passenger jet at takeoff?!?  This learning community will provide you with a basic background in microbiology, infection, wound healing, and disease prevention.  In addition to participating in laboratory techniques, a disease project, and concept mapping of the immune system, you will acquire other academic skills that will engage you with the subject matter and impact your success in future courses.