Linked Learning Community Proposal

A linked learning community is a community that links one or two academic courses with a Freshman Seminar course (COL 105) OR a community that links two or more academic courses and embeds Freshman Seminar principles into the linked learning community.  The linked learning community's purpose is to show students the connections between the courses while they explore a theme or specific topic that ties the courses in the community together.   The theme or specific topic of a linked learning community is stressed through integrated assignments, activities, lecture topics, etc. 

For example, a linked learning community could have a COL 105, an ENG 101, and a PSY 201 course.  The title of this community might be something like Would You Like Fries with that B.A.?  The theme explored could revolve around the importance of general education and what promising career paths are available for these degree holders.  An integrated assignment could involve students completing a career project for COL 105 that includes research methods learned in ENG 101, self-awareness topics discussed in COL 105, and the science of behavior in PSY 201, which help the students choose a better career path for themselves.  On the other hand, another possible linked learning community could consist of only the ENG 101 and PSY 201 courses that have integrated assignments embedded with Freshman Seminar principles.

If you are interested in designing a linked learning community, download and complete the Linked Learning Community Proposal form.  You will also find the Freshman Seminar (COL 105) Syllabus and A Guide to the Freshman Seminar Course helpful when completing the proposal process.  If you need feedback about a proposal idea, additional information about learning communities, and/or assistance with completing a proposal, please contact Amoena Norcross (864.646.1365 or  

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Linked Learning Community Proposal Form

Freshman Seminar (COL 105) Syllabus

A Guide to the Freshman Seminar Course

Developed Linked Learning Community Descriptions