Thematic Freshman Seminar Proposal

A thematic Freshman Seminar is a Freshman Seminar course (COL 105) that engages students by emphasizing a specific topic or theme embedded in the course.  For example, the "Improving America" thematic learning community includes an activity that not only focuses on the Freshman Seminar's personal responsibility and interdependence components, but also on a student's awareness of his physical surroundings.  In short, developing a thematic Freshman Seminar allows the designer to incorporate a theme s/he has an interest in.  The theme and the eight behaviors of successful students are consequently explored not only through traditional classroom activities (readings, projects, etc.), but also through co-curricular activities (e.g., attending Constitution Day activities or participating in a student organization).

If you are interested in designing a thematic Freshman Seminar, download and complete the Thematic Freshman Seminar Proposal form.  You will also find the Freshman Seminar (COL 105) Syllabus and A Guide to the Freshman Seminar Course helpful when completing the proposal process.  If you need feedback about a proposal idea, additional information, and/or assistance with completing a proposal, please contact Amoena Norcross (864.646.1365 or 

To view the descriptions of thematic learning communities already developed, click here.

Thematic Freshman Seminar Proposal Form

Freshman Seminar (COL 105) Syllabus

A Guide to the Freshman Seminar Course

Developed Thematic Learning Community Descriptions