Career List

Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources: Veterinary Technology

This career cluster covers a wide variety of exciting options, but we’re specifically addressing our animal lovers with information about our Veterinary Technology program. The growth rate in this career field is expected to be nearly 36 percent, making veterinary technicians and technologists THE fastest growing job available for those with an associate degree.























Architecture and Construction

The field of architecture and construction makes up one of the largest industries in the country with nine million jobs across the nation. Nationally, the construction industry is expected to grow 19 percent through 2018. So whether you’re working on a construction site or turning an architectural vision into a reality, you will literally BUILD OUR FUTURE!























Arts & AV Technology and Communications

The “Arts” is a broad field that combines creativity and technology into an exciting career. Whether you’re interested in the performance side of the field of arts and A/V technology or in the computer- and electronics-based side, the training you receive at Tri-County Technical College in this pathway will help you EXPRESS YOURSELF!























Business: Management, Accounting, Administrative Office, Marketing

Be the next marketing guru who finds the precise audience for a product or service or the next financial whiz-kid who predicts which way the global market is shifting. In any one of thousands of careers, you could master how business works, but fulfilling your potential starts by building a foundation of solid skills.























Education and Training

Educating the young people of tomorrow is much more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. It’s about instructing, inspiring, and equipping children and youth with life skills and tools that can be used throughout their lives. Regardless of the pathway you take – from childcare worker to school teacher to aspiring principal – the education field is chock full of both challenges and rewards.























Health: Allied Health and Nursing

We are known for our solid nursing program, but the field of health care spans far beyond that specialty. From medical laboratory settings to dental offices to surgical operating rooms, the opportunities in allied health care careers are as varied as the people for whom care is provided. Many careers are on the cutting edge of technology, while at the same time, give you the opportunity to show your caring compassionate side.























Hospitality and Tourism

This career cluster covers a wide variety of exciting career options, but we're specifically addressing those who love to cook and are interested in a career in culinary arts. Whether your goal is to fast track to entry-level positions in restaurants, catering businesses, and other food-service operations; or as a jump-start for continuing studies, this certificate program prepares students through theory and hands-on practice.
























Information Technology

Not a week goes by without something new being unveiled in computer technology. Processor speeds have touched 4.7 GHz, hard drives are being measured in terabytes, and you can sync your computer, your phone, and your TV without ever pulling out a cord or a wire. Imagine what the next sixty years will bring — don’t you want to be a part of what’s coming?























Law, Public Safety, Government

Few jobs will test your endurance like serving and protecting your community, but few jobs will provide greater satisfaction than those in the public service sector. You’ll help and protect others, uphold the law, and keep order in the community. If you’re one of the many considering this pathway, you know the difference between a CAREER AND A CALLING.
























Just look around — nearly everything we want or need on a daily basis is a product of the new high-tech — and high-paying — world of manufacturing. Major advances in the field are bringing more opportunities for you to be a part of a world that’s constantly inventing new products and is continually on the cutting edge of technology.























University Transfer

At Tri-County Technical College, start your postsecondary education close to home with confidence, knowing that you’ll be saving money, giving yourself time to make important decisions, earning a top-notch education, and getting the full college experience—all before you transfer to a four-year college or university to obtain your bachelor’s degree.
























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