CNC Curriculum Sequence

Graduation Credits Required: 67

The CNC Programming and Operations program prepares graduates to work as CNC programmers and operators with manufacturers requiring high production volumes or short run batches of discrete parts. In addition to writing CNC programs, students will learn CAD design and analysis applications, create precision set-ups, select tooling and operate a variety of CNC milling and turning centers.

First Semester
EGT 106- Print Reading and Sketching Credit Hours: 3
EGT 152- Fundamentals of CAD Credit Hours: 3
MAT 170- Algebra Geometry and Trigonometry I Credit Hours: 3
MTT 121 - Machine Tool Theory I Credit Hours: 3
MTT 122 - Machine Tool Practice I Credit Hours: 4

Second Semester
EGT 119- Geometrics Credit Hours 3
MAT 171- Algebra Geometry and Trigonometry II Credit Hours: 3
MTT 124 - Machine Tool Practice II Credit Hours: 4
MTT 251 - CNC Operations Credit Hours: 3
MTT 252 - CNC Setup and Operations Credit Hours: 4

Third Semester
ENG 165- Professional Communication Credit Hours: 3
EGT 165 - Introduction to CAD/CAM Credit Hours: 2
MTT 141 - Metals and Heat Treatment Credit Hours: 3
MTT 253: CNC Programming and Operations Credit Hours: 3

Fourth Semester
EGT 265 - CAD/CAM Applications Credit Hours: 3
HSS105 - Technology and Culture Credit Hours: 3
MTT 254- CNC Programming I Credit Hours: 3
PSY 120 - Organizational Psychology Credit Hours: 3

Fifth Semester
EGT 270 - Manufacturing Integration Credit Hours: 4
MTT 212 - Tool Design Credit Hours 4
MTT 255 -CNC Programming II Credit Hours: 3
MTT 258 - Machine Tool CAM Credit Hours: 3


 Total: 71 Credit Hours


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