Online All the Way

Online All the Way

We understand your hectic lifestyle, so Tri-County offers day, evening, and online classes to help you accomplish your goals. In fact, you can take the following programs entirely online! To see what classes are being offered for the upcoming semester, check out the Credit Course Schedule and use the search option under "Session" to search for all our distance learning options.

Criminal Justice Technology
Associate Degree

Study the various components of criminal justice and how the different departments, organizations, and agencies work together within the system. This degree is ideal for those currently working within the criminal justice system and unable to attend day or evening classes due to their work schedule.* ** ***


Associate Degree
Master the basic tools needed to become an effective manager. You will learn effective techniques for team building, problem-solving, and effective resource utilization. This degree is ideal for those interested in entry-level management positions, as well as those seeking promotion opportunities.* ** ***

Business Foundations Certificate
This certificate, designed to complement the Management Associate Degree, provides a foundation in business "basics" and offers a credential to those seeking employment in business. The certificate can benefit non-degree seeking students who are preparing for a career in the business field but lack the formal knowledge and skills required.

Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management Certificate
This certificate is designed to complement the Management Associate Degree and provides a foundation in entrepreneurship/small business basics. It offers a credential to those seeking employment in a small business and to those desiring to start a small business.*

Human Resource Management
This certificate is part of the Management Associate Degree and offers the knowledge and tools essential for students to establish, improve, and expand skills that are necessary for success in the human resource profession.*

Marketing Certificate
Learn the essential concepts of any successful business, including the principles of effective marketing, retailing, and customer service. This program is great for people who want an edge in today's competitive business climate.*

*All of the required classes can be taken online. However, attempting to take all classes online may delay graduation. Not all required classes are offered online each semester.

**You will need to meet with an advisor to discuss electives as not all electives listed in the College catalog are offered online.

***If developmental General Education courses are required due to an individual's placement scores, we cannot guarantee that those courses will be offered online.

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