Lean Manufacturing/Process Improvement

Embracing and incorporating Lean Manufacturing tools and Processs Improvement techniques is a "must" for business success in the 21st century.  Lean is a phrase commonly used to describe a family of tools and techniques which are used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization.  The benefits of lean include:

  • reduced cycle times
  • shorter lead times to customers
  • increased capacity for production lines and facilities
  • decreased costs
  • reduced work in process
  • reduced inventory expense

The Center for Workforce Excellence, in partnership with the South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (SCMEP), offers area industries a variety of courses that can help your organization develop and implement lean strategies.

Lean 101

This 8 hour course offers participants an opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits of implementing lean manufacturing techniques. Participants apply various techniques in a mock manufacturing facility and measure the impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

Lean Office                                                                                 

Lean manufacturing is now being applied to more than just the shop floor. Learn to make your company's office operate more efficiently through hands-on experience.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping gives tremendous insight into the value-added steps in the production process. This helps to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement.


The 5S methodology (named for 5 Japanese words: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, shitsuke) covers 5 steps to creating and maintaining an orderly work environment.

Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED/Quick Changeover)

SMED training offers participants step-by-step guidance in learning and applying quick changeover techniques. Streamlining machine set-ups and changeovers is discussed and participants are given the opportunity to apply the knowledge.

Other offerings include:

•·         Visual Factory

•·         Kanban/Pull Systems

•·         Theory of Constraints (TOC)

Kaizen Event Facilitation

Kaizen means "change for the good" and is an intensive and focused approach to process improvement. A Kaizen Blitz is a continuous improvement event that uses Lean tools, a team approach, brainstorming, and problem solving to quickly improve a specific area or situation. Conducting a Kaizen event provides immediate, tangible results and motivation for ongoing continuous improvement. The benefits of kaizen events include direct employee involvement, improved communication, investment in creativity rather than capital expenditure, employees are more capable of thinking from a business perspective, smoother more successful implementation of change due to team approach.


 For more information, call (864) 646-1728 or (864) 646-1700 or e-mail kreeves@tctc.edu.  

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