Endowment Possibilities

Donors may establish named endowments to offer living tributes and lasting memorials to family and friends. This creates a fund that will benefit current and future students, as well as College programs. The principal in the fund is never touched. Only the interest is used to make awards year after year. The endowment may be funded over a period of years to reach the desired amount. In addition, subsequent contributions can be made at any time to increase the endowment, which will result in larger awards.

Endowed Teaching Chair
The interest generated by this endowment will be used to support the faculty in innovative teaching projects, attendance at seminars, return to industry, advanced course work in the faculty's subject area, or other faculty development projects.

Technology Endowment

This endowment provides a perpetual source of funding for equipment, software, and other technological needs of the College in order to support changing technology advancements.

Master Teacher

This endowment will provide an opportunity to recognize and reward teaching excellence. The earnings from the endowment will be awarded to an outstanding faculty member selected by the College and will be used to support teaching projects, attendance at seminars and workshops, advanced course work, or other activities that will promote the continued excellence of faculty members.

Endowment for Instructional/Staff Excellence

This endowment will be used to enhance the development of faculty and staff. Recipients of the endowment will be competitively selected on the basis of proposals that demonstrate how the development activity will contribute to the excellence of classroom instruction and the services provided to students, industry, and the community.

Endowed Scholarship
$15,000 and up
A donor may choose to set up an endowed scholarship that will be awarded annually to students who meet his or her specified criteria.

Priority Needs Endowment

For as little as $5,000, you may set up an endowment that would support the priority needs of the College. The endowment would provide funds on an annual basis to support initiatives that will enable Tri-County Technical College to provide excellence in education.

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