Orientation Details

Student Orientation
In an effort to help you succeed in college, you will meet with a Student Success Coach to receive an individualized orientation session based on the program you're entering. Student Success Coach meetings are designed to help you transition to TCTC by

  • sharing detailed information about your program;
  • assisting you with campus resources and the eTC portal; and
  • selecting appropriate classes based on your program of interest and your Compass placement scores or previous college coursework.

Registration Preparation
Be sure any credit you have from other colleges or through advanced standing (like Technical Advanced Placement or AP) is documented on your Tri-County transcript, and that your advisor is aware of this credit before assisting you with course selection. After admission to the College, you can check your Tri-County transcript through your eTC account on the Get Set tab.

Faculty Advising
After meeting with your Student Success Coach to plan your first semester classes, you will be be assigned a faculty advisor in your program.  The faculty advisor will assist you with planning future semester schedules. Before advising and registration begins for next semester, you can find the name of your faculty advisor on the eTC My Dashboard tab or in Degree Works on the Get Set tab.

Campus Resources
It's important that you know how to get help for whatever you need at Tri-County. The College offers many Student Services and Activities to assist you, such as career counseling, tutoring, and job placement services.

Books and Parking Decals
You can purchase your books in the Campus Store or online on the eTC Get Set tab.  You can also pay for your parking decal on the eTC Get Set tab or in the Business Office.  You'll need to go to Campus Safety to get the decal and your Student ID before classes begin. Be sure you're familiar with (and follow) the campus parking regulations.  Free Bus Service is now available in some areas, if you want to avoid parking hassles!  It's also important for you to  read and follow the Campus Security Guidelines.  Copies are available in the Library. 

Financial Aid 
Be sure you read all the material on any financial aid awards you may have received - follow all the guidelines, so you don't jeopardize your ability to keep your financial aid!   Check your financial aid status on the eTC My Dashboard tab.

eTC                                                                                                                                                                                                                        eTC is your online resource for all kinds of TCTC information and services. If you've been admitted to Tri-County, your account is ready and set-up instructions are in your acceptance letter.  If you need help with eTC, use the following link:  get your login user name & password.  Contact the Service Desk at 864-646-1779 or servicedesk@tctc.edu.

Get ready for the first day of classes - on campus or online
If you're taking courses on campus, be sure you have a current schedule of your classes - walk around campus and locate where each of your classes will be held. You can find a copy of your class schedule on the eTC My Dashboard tab. One more thing...parking can be a challenge during the first week of each semester, so get here EARLY!  If you're taking courses online, you won't be able to log into your class until the semester begins; however, be sure you read now the How Online Classes Work information on the eTC Learn tab or How To Access Your Online Courses in the Distance Learning section of this website so you'll know what to do. You may also receive important information from your instructor or department head regarding your online course.

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