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Is there any charge for tutoring?
No. Tutoring assistance is available free of charge to all Tri-County Technical College students.

Do I need an appointment to get tutoring help?
Yes and no. Appointments take precedence over walk-ins, but we welcome all students to the Tutoring Center.  If a tutor is not available to help you when you come as a walk-in, we will help you make an appointment. It is to your advantage to schedule an appointment in advance either through Starfish or by calling 864-646-1367. Tutoring sessions fill up quickly when essays/research papers are due, when lab reports are due, and at test times. However, if you are coming for a Supplemental Instruction session, you need no appointment.

Do you offer individual tutoring?
Yes. The majority of our appointments are one-on-one sessions with a professional tutor.

Do you offer group tutoring?

Yes, groups of two or more students may make appointments for group tutoring sessions. Group tutoring is great for test, midterm, or exam review.

How long do tutoring sessions last?
Each tutoring session lasts 30 minutes and consecutive sessions are not permitted except with special permission of the Coordinator of Tutoring. However, when tutors have open sessions, they will usually continue working with you.  

How do I make an appointment? 

First, you may make an appointment through Starfish for tutoring at any campus.  Instructions can be found on the Tutoring Center website on eTC under the "Learn" tab.  Second, you can call 864-646-1367 and ask for help making an appointment.  Third, you can come to the Tutoring Center in SC 109 on the Pendleton Campus and ask someone to help you make an appointment. Fourth, you can email for an appointment at tutoringcenter@tctc.edu.

May I have more than one tutoring appointment in a day?
Yes, but please schedule no more than two appointments in any one subject in a day.

What happens if I can't make my appointment?
Be sure to cancel your appointment through Starfish or call 864-646-1367 to ask that the appointment be canceled for you; otherwise, the tutor will enter an outcome on Starfish that you simply did not show up for the appointment, not a good message to have on your list of meetings. 

 Is online tutoring available?

Yes, we offer review of writing assignments online and we are in the process of making even more online tutoring available.  To learn about online tutoring, log on to eTC and click on the Learn tab.  Click on Tutoring Center to find instructions under Online Tutoring.

What should I do when I arrive for a tutoring session?
At the Pendleton Campus, be sure to check in at the main desk, log into the waiting room on the monitor, or signal your tutor that you are present. When you make an appointment through Starfish, you receive an eTC confirmation email giving the name of your tutor.  If you are a walk-in, tell the person at the main desk the type of tutoring you need-writing, math, biology, etc.  If no one is at the main desk, talk to a tutor or to the Coordinator of Tutoring. At the Easley campus, go directly to room 231; at the Anderson Campus, go directly to room 208. 

When should I begin coming to the Tutoring Center for help?
Right away. Students who begin receiving tutoring help at the beginning of a semester, or at least as soon as they receive the first grade,  typically do much better than those students who wait until after midterms to get help.

Do you have tutors for all subjects?
No. The TCTC Tutoring Center offers tutoring in all math courses, all science courses, Spanish, accounting, and writing for all subject areas.  At the Easley and Anderson Campuses, check the Tutoring Center calendar located under the Learn tab on eTC for the subjects tutored at those campuses.  Many of our tutors can help with additional subjects, such as CPT 170, history, etc. Call 864-646-1367 and ask to speak with the Coordinator of Tutoring for information about specific subject area tutoring other than math, science, Spanish, accounting, and writing.

What do I need to do before I meet with a tutor?
First, attempt to do the assignment.

Identify areas where you need help and come with specific questions to ask a tutor.  

Come prepared with all necessary materials, such as class notes, textbook, syllabus and handouts, paper, pencil/pen, etc.

Be ready to actively participate in the tutoring session. The tutor wants your complete attention.

Will the tutor read my textbook, give me notes I missed, do my homework, or proofread my papers?
No. One of the main goals of the Tutoring Center is to help you become an independent learner. Tutors will review papers and homework with you, demonstrate tips and techniques for you, and coach you through practice sessions designed to develop your skills so you can successfully work on your own.

Will I see the same tutor every tutoring session?
Probably not. All of our tutors are part-time and work varying schedules. Since some of our tutors are undergraduate or graduate students, they have their own classes and commitments that prevent exclusive tutoring arrangements. However, depending on your schedule, you may be able to make some appointments with the same tutor. Keep in mind that getting feedback from different tutors can be helpful.

Who are the tutors?
Our professional tutors in the Tutoring Center include retired teachers; retirees from business, industry, and engineering; graduate students; adjunct instructors; current and former college professors; and college students. Most of our tutors have master's degrees in their fields.  All peer tutors in Supplemental Instruction are college students (Clemson and TCTC) who have at least 3.0 GPAs and who have made an A in the course.

May I just sit in the Tutoring Center and do my homework?
Absolutely! Students are encouraged to come to the Tutoring Center to study.

Are computers available for student use in the Tutoring Center?
Yes, there are fifteen computers with a local b/w and color printer for student use for school work. 

Is it okay to use my cell phone or other mobile devices in the Tutoring Center?
No. Cell phones and other mobile devices should be silenced while you are in the Tutoring Center. If you must make or take a call, please exit the Tutoring Center to do so.

Can I bring my child to my sessions?

No, the Tutoring Center is an instructional space.  The College's official position is that  "[m]inors will not be permitted in Tri-County Technical College classrooms, labs, or other instructional venues.  February 1, 2010;October 14, 2013-Date approved by Area Commission.

Are Workshops available?

Yes, the list of workshops can be found under Tutoring Center Activities. To request a workshop, call 864-646-1367.

Who can attend the workshops?
For classroom or student group presentations, students who are members of that class or group are welcome to attend. For sessions open to the College community, any enrolled student or faculty/staff member at TCTC can come!

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides non-remedial, regular review sessions outside of class led by students (SI leaders/mentors) who have already earned a high grade in the course and who have been trained in academic assistance. SI leaders attend all class lectures, take notes, and act as models (mentors) to those currently taking the selected course. SI leaders help students in group sessions understand the material by giving additional examples, explaining difficult concepts, leading students in discussions of the material, and creating and providing supplemental handouts, such as study guides, practice problems and tests that students would not get otherwise.  SI uses collaborative learning and helps students develop effective study skills as it is guiding them through difficult course work in an actual class.  Students work as a team to discuss and study the material that was covered in the classroom.  SI sessions are available on the Pendleton Campus to all students enrolled in Math 102 and Biology 101.  TCTC students may also attend SI sessions at Highpointe for Biology 101, 102, 114; Chemistry 110, 111; Math 130, 140, 141, 230; and Physics 221. 

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