Library Fact Sheet 2011-2012

Major Accomplishments and Statistics for 2011-2012

  • Gate Count: Total 87,864
    • Pendleton - 85873 ; Anderson - 1092; Easley - 899
  • Circulation - 9033
  • Classes taught - 275
  • Students taught face to face - 3948
  • Questions asked at Service Points - 3703
  • Interlibrary Loan (OCLC service)
    • Lent to other institutions - 174
    • Borrowed from other institutions - 118
  • PASCAL Delivers
    • Lent to other institutions - 272
    • Borrowed from other institutions - 355
  • Total print collection (titles not items) - 35120
  • Databases - over 60
  • E-Books (Reference and Regular) E-collection is comprised of a variety of vendor products (Ebsco, Oxford, Greenwood, Infobase, Gale, Salem, Ovid, R2) - 72501
  • Print Periodicals and newspapers - 174
    • Pendleton - 165; Anderson - 4; Easley - 5
  • Library participated in LC2. Librarian and staff member on design teams and teaching.
  • Added student pictures to the library database program. Even though we ask students to have their ID's to check out material on an occasion they do not. This prevents the student from not being able to check out material. This is a very useful tool especially when the weather is bad and the student has forgotten an ID in their car.
  • Developed a 3 year library vision plan which focuses on "What can we, as the Library staff, do to contribute to the learning experience of our constituents (students, employees and community members) over the next three years? What do we want to see in place in three years?"
  • Assessment of Information Literacy classes began at community campuses with a follow-up survey approximately 2 weeks after the initial workshop. With this information we can evaluate if we are covering the information they need to accomplish their research.
  • Approved for and hired an additional librarian.
  • New carpet added to the Library and reference area redesigned. Library painted.


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