Success Tips

Learn how to study and manage time

You may think you already know how to study and manage your time efficiently. Even so, you can learn new (or better) strategies that will boost your skills significantly. How? Take one of the College Skills courses (COL 101, COL 102, COL 103) or visit the Counseling Center for some free booklets. There's also lots of good information online. Here's just one example from a division of McGraw-Hill publishing:

Anticipate your needs

Finding time to fit college into your life will be a challenge. And sometimes unexpected things will happen-car trouble, child care issues, etc. Start thinking NOW about what your needs are and how you might handle the unexpected. If your car won't start, how could you get a ride to campus? If you have to miss a class, do you know how to contact your instructor or get notes from a classmate? Taking a little time now to anticipate your needs could save time and frustration later.

Go to class!

Every student knows that attending classes is essential to being successful, right? Right. So...make attending each and every class session one of YOUR priorities!

Be an "active learner"

Just sitting in class is NOT enough, not if you want to be successful. You need to pay attention, participate in discussions, and take good notes. And ask questions when you don't understand something!

Get to know your instructors and advisors

Your teachers and your academic advisor are key people in helping ensure your success at Tri-County - get to know them! Talk with your instructors before or after class, and ask questions about things you don't understand (or make an appointment to see your instructor at a mutually convenient time). Be sure to meet with your advisor too, at least once per semester for assistance in planning your schedule and to discuss other important topics. Talk with your advisor about your goals and be sure to follow up on any recommendations your advisor may make to you.

Take action and use your resources!

When you have a concern or think you may need help with something - take action right away. Talk with your instructor or advisor or see someone in the Counseling Center. There are plenty of resources here on campus that will help you with whatever you need. Use them! Don't let problems or worries pile up to the point where you feel overwhelmed.

Get involved

A good college experience starts with what you learn in the classroom. But there's more to it, too. You can broaden your experience, and your personal development, by getting involved in campus activities. There's LOTS to do, so find something that suits your interests and needs. You can participate in a cooperative learning experience, attend a cultural event, or join a club. Whatever you choose to do, getting involved should be part of your "college success" strategy!

Stay focused on your goals

Each and every student who's ever achieved a college education, whether at a two-year college or at a university, has faced challenges along the way. The ones who persevere and stay focused are the ones who achieve their goal. You can do it too. All you need to do is take it one step at a time, keeping your mind focused on the goal. Before you know it, you'll be there!

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