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College Resources and Planning

From our 50+ year history to our strategic plans for the future, this section offers resources for all who wish to learn more about our institution.


Consumer Information

In accordance with federal regulations set forth by the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, links to required consumer information are included below. A wide range of topics are covered including policies and procedures, privacy rights, financial aid, institutional data, and campus police.

Campus Police

Chemical Hygiene Plan

College Policies and Procedures

Student Consumer Information

Student Success Thresholds and Measures

Title IX


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Tri-County Technical College is committed to creating a diverse community that welcomes all.


Financial Transparency

Tri-County Technical College is pleased to present its financial data to the constituents of South Carolina as part of an on-going effort to provide financial transparency in state government. Accountability is the hallmark of a well-run government, and timely access to financial data is critical to accomplishing this goal.



The primary goal of all purchasing activities at the College is to acquire goods and services for Tri-County Technical College

  • within statutory, regulatory and procedural guidance,

  • in an efficient and effective manner,

  • at a fair and reasonable cost,

  • with timely delivery and proper performance