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Tri-County Technical College


The College Signage/Wayfinding Committee developed a master plan to promote a consistent standard for all campus signage; these standards ensure we meet uniform visual identity as well as accessibility and safety requirements. Types of signage applies to external and internal:

  • Directional/Wayfinding – In its simplest terms, directional signs indicate directions to reach a destination. These signs typically offer very high-level, very general information.
  • Destination – These signs answer the question: What’s in the building? These are placed at decision-points and provide an overview of a building or location to guide users to final destinations.
  • Directory – Directory signs offer more detailed information about specific locations of persons and/or departments, or campus facilities.
  • Donor – These signs are designed to recognize and show appreciation for businesses and individuals who are contributing to the college and our students.
  • Regulation – These signs communicate regulations and restrictions as they pertain to vehicles and/or pedestrians, as well as postings pertaining to laws or sanitation/safety.

Turnaround time varies as to the type of signage. Most signage is produced by an external vendor and requires several weeks. Internal signage produced in-house such as temporary printed or printed inserts can take anywhere from a few days up to two weeks.


Large Format Displays/Banners

Displays and banners required for expos, events, etc., must be requested through and designed by Marketing.

The Marketing department owns a Cannon iPF8400 large format printer. Only documents for classroom or College use are to be printed. It is not intended for personal use. Materials available for printing are bond paper, photo paper (glossy), vinyl, and adhesive back photo base. Sizing and desired finishing will determine whether we can print internally. We do, however, work with several external vendors to provide a greater variety in options for size, shape, and durability.

Turnaround time depends on the type of document and quantity. If a large quantity is required, please contact Marketing well in advance to ensure enough material is on-hand or can be ordered in sufficient time.

If you are providing artwork for your large-format piece, please keep in mind there are unique requirements for optimal output. These guidelines are provided to help you get the highest quality results.

  • File formats accepted are Acrobat pdf, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign (with supporting links and fonts). Other formats such as MS Word or PowerPoint may be accepted depending on the content and images. Marketing can design your poster or banner if you do not have a file to submit.
  • Imported art elements should be linked and not embedded.
  • Ideal resolution should be 50-100 ppi/dpi at the final output size or 300 dpi at a percentage proportional to the final output desired. Images taken from websites or rasterized images at 72 dpi are considered low resolution and will not produce a quality image if printed large.
  • Provide a printed hardcopy as a guide.

Contact us, and we will help provide the best solution for your needs.


Sandwich Boards/Yard Sings

Artwork for sandwich boards and yard signs may be designed by or must be approved by Marketing.  These are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you’ll want to discuss your specific needs with Marketing. Sandwich boards and yard signs should be placed so as not to interfere with pedestrian traffic, not present a potential tripping hazard and not interfere with vehicle/golf cart traffic.

Yard Stake sign sample        Bridge to Clemson Sandwich Board



Temporary Signs

Some posters and flyers promoting date-specific events or opportunities and resources at the College are to be used temporarily and are not intended to be used in place of standard signage. They should be designed by or approved by Marketing. NOTE: No surface-damaging adhesives (e.g. glues, construction adhesives, duct tape) or surface-penetrating fasteners are to be used to display temporary displays of any kind. The signs shall not obstruct permanent signs, windows, doors, or ventilation grilles.)




Chalking is permitted on sidewalks exposed to the elements. Chalking is not allowed on walls, doors, or building exteriors. Chalking is limited to promotions of student activities and should be approved by Lori Morrisette.


Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are located on campus to notify students of events and activities. All announcements, notices, and signs are to be posted only on these bulletin boards and not on the doors, windows and walls. All announcements, notices, and signs not related to College activities must be submitted to the Dean of Student Development for approval and posting.


College Vehicles

The consistent use of Tri-County Technical College’s identity on campus vehicles helps to unify our fleet. The logo should be incorporated on the front, rear, and/or sides of the vehicle. Logo placement varies according to the make and model of the vehicle. Marketing can assist in designing vehicle signage. SCHEDULE A CONVERSATION, MARKETING@TCTC.EDU.


Reserved Parking

Departments may request reserved parking for visitors to campus participating in classes, meetings, and events in connection to a specific TCTC business purpose. Please note, Marketing does not handle these requests or create related signage. Reserve parking form. Same-day emergency requests must be made by calling the Campus Police at 864-646-1800.

Sign Holders

A limited number of free-standing and table-top sign holders are available for loan from the Marketing Department. These signs can be used to provide direction or announce an event for shorter periods of time. Acrylic table top sign holders are available in 8.5 X 11 and 11 X 17 sizes, with both horizontal and vertical options. Free-standing sign holders are 11x17 horizontal. Sign holders are available on a first-come first-served basis. Additional sign holders may be purchased for use in other buildings.

Acrylic Sign holder samples       Free-standing sign holder sample image



Digital Monitors

The purpose of Digital Monitors is to create awareness. They are primarily used to broadcast important dates and events to the campus, as well as to highlight the many resources we have available to our students. The Marketing Department creates the content for all digital monitors and computer lab screensavers. We have several TV monitors on the Pendleton Campus in each building and on our community campuses, as well as screen savers on computers throughout all campuses.

  • We will have no more than 10 slides scheduled at any one time.
  • Each slide is scheduled to run for eight seconds before advancing to the next one.
  • Slides will have approximately 10 words each. Please note that if you submit more verbiage than can be easily read, Marketing will reduce the text as needed.
  • For event-specific advertisements, we will run one week prior. Exceptions may be made depending on the event and on the number of slides already in play.
  • Non-event-specific slides will run on a schedule determined by the marketing department.
  • There are also computer lab screen savers that can be used to share more generic non-dated information. Content on these monitors can change in 24-48 hours, while the TV monitors can be changed as much as hourly if needed.

To have your event advertised on the monitor or screensaver, please go to and log in and then select the Green Box to complete a Marketing Service Request Form.