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Pendleton Campus Construction Updates

Over the summer, we have been working on two major projects on the Pendleton Campus.


Oconee Hall Renovation

  • 34,000-square foot academic building being gutted and renovated to include new classrooms and offices.
  • Additional programming space and revitalized green space.
  • Modernized 200-seat auditorium.

Chiller Line Expansion

  • 10’ wide x 10’ deep trench has been dug through the center of campus.
  • Pipes will connect the central plant in the Student Success Center to each building on campus. 
  • Reduced operating costs, less downtime and optimized maintenance.

How Might This Impact You?


Relocated People and Offices

  • Because Oconee Hall is offline, those who were formerly housed there have been relocated to new spaces.
  • Arts & Sciences, Academic & Career Foundations, and Flex Labs that were once in Oconee Hall are now in Anderson Hall.
  • Classes that were once in Oconee Hall are now in another building on campus. Review your Class Schedule carefully; ask a TCTC employee if you need assistance.
  • Please refer to the updated campus map for other updates.

Pedestrian Pathways

  • To facilitate these projects, large areas of the central plaza have been fenced off, and there are sections of campus that are not passable.
  • Pedestrian pathways, including accessible pathways, are clearly identified with signage. 
  • Note that instead of taking a straight path from one building to another, you may have to go around the perimeter of campus and possibly through buildings to get to your destination.
  • Please exercise extreme caution in and around the areas of construction, follow posted signage and be aware of your surroundings.

Parking and Driving

  • Because of the construction, some parking lots, including H1, H2 and the front drive near Oconee Hall, have been taken offline or had the number of available spaces reduced. Impacted ADA spaces have been relocated.
  • Please note that the one-way drive at the front of campus remains open. Navigate with caution around the cones and watch for pedestrians, as those pathways have changed too.
  • If you cannot find parking on campus, our overflow lot on Mechanic Street is open and a shuttle will be running between that lot and the Pendleton Campus during the first week of classes.
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