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Guiding Principle for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Tri-County Technical College is committed to creating a diverse community that welcomes people of different races, cultures, ages, orientation, religion, socioeconomic levels, perspectives, abilities, and experiences. We will respect these differences in our decisions, curriculum, programs, processes and actions. We will develop equity-minded practitioners who initiate the necessary (and sometimes difficult) conversations. We will embrace decisions that lead to transformative student and employee experiences. We will intentionally sustain an inclusive environment where all individuals feel safe and valued with equal access at the College.


Key Components Include:

Institutional Ownership/Organization Structure

  • Affirms a campus climate and culture that values how Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Access are essential elements of academic success


Employee Professional Development and Upward Mobility

  • Attracting personnel with diverse backgrounds is a priority which supports employee upward mobility


Student Learning Outside the Classroom

  • Reaches across the spectrum of individual differences and group/social differences to ensure all students know about the value and benefits of diversity and the role in supporting a culture of respect and inclusion


Student Learning Inside the Classroom

  • Continue to support efforts that are successful, strengthen promising efforts and develop new ways of providing support across the campus to ensure the success of a broadly diverse student body