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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions: Employees

If an employee is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, they may choose to do a free virtual visit with MUSC telehealth. It is available in all counties in South Carolina. To do a MUSC telehealth visit, click the link below and use the promo code “COVID19.”

Prisma Health is also offering free virtual visits.  To access these services, click the link below for additional information:

Yes. If you or a qualifying family member contracts COVID-19, it constitutes a “serious health condition” under the FMLA and a resulting leave of absence may be FMLA qualifying if you meet the other requirements to be covered by the FMLA. However, the FMLA generally does not cover staying home to avoid becoming sick.

Yes. If a health professional recommends quarantine for a state employee who accrues leave, you can use accrued sick leave pursuant to HR Regulation 19-710.04(B)(2) which permits an employee to use sick leave due to “[e]xposure to a contagious disease such that presence on duty could endanger the health of fellow employees.” If a health care professional recommends quarantine for an employee in a non-leave accruing position, please contact your HR Consultant to discuss options.

You should plan for no access to your office while the College is closed. We will try to have some access if essential, but cannot guarantee that, so please prepare accordingly.