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Electronic Textbook Resources
RedShelf Responds Providing you simple, free access to eBooks during complicated times.

RedShelf Responds

We’ve always believed in the enormous impact digital course materials have on affordability, access, and outcomes in higher ed. As institutions across the country grapple with responses to COVID-19, we’ve committed to supporting our campus store and institutional partners during this uncertain time. 

Through our RedShelf Responds initiative, we’re providing free access to digital textbooks (to students from nonprofit, semester-based colleges and universities) through May 25th, thanks to the generosity of our publishing partners.

List of courses for RedShelf free ebook.

To learn more about the program, visit for full details. 

Students interested in taking advantage of the program should visit

Cengage Courses

For Cengage courses, if you want more than just an eBook from RedShelf and want to use pre-made course materials/homework/ tests:

Due to the coronavirus, Cengage is opening up access to Cengage Unlimited for all students.  If you are interested in free access to Cengage Unlimited for your students, here’s how it works: we will be giving “rolling” trial access to students through the end of the term.  Usually, students are allowed one 2-week trial to Cengage Unlimited per semester.  Now, due to this unplanned, mid-semester disruption, we are enabling them to get as many trial accesses as they need.  They should create an account with us (they only have to do this once) and sign up for “Start Free Trial.”  In two weeks, they will be told to renew the trial.  It will take just a few minutes and they will be able to continually renew free access through end of this term.

  • For students who have purchased Cengage Unlimited, they can continue to use Cengage Unlimited with no interruption in service, and we will extend access as needed, based on the situation at your institution (i.e. more days are added to your spring semester).  For these students, there is no action item at this time.
  • For students who are not currently using Cengage Unlimited and have not otherwise activated a trial with us within the last 75 days, they should go to, create an account with us, and choose “Start Trial”.
  • For students who have already activated a trial of Cengage Unlimited within the past 75 days, but then did not purchase, they will need to call Cengage Support (phone number 1-800-354-9706) to unlock the trial access for them.  This will only be necessary until Wednesday March 18, when Cengage will be taking trial access restriction off Cengage Unlimited and any student, no matter what their trial status is, will be able to register on their own.