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The mission of the Marketing Department is to build awareness, protect the image, and enhance the brand and reputation of Tri-County Technical College, along with its vision, mission, initiatives, programs, services and values.

With special emphases on helping support student success and preparing a highly skilled workforce, our primary objectives are to:

  • Design effective print and digital publications,
  • Develop and maintain the College’s website and official social media sites, and
  • Create and implement marketing campaigns for the College as a whole and its target audiences

For more than 50 years, Tri-County has been the source of affordable access to quality education to the citizens and workforce of Anderson, Oconee and Pickens counties.

Our brand is one of our most important assets. It is defined by our reputation − what we want others to think about when they hear "Tri-County Technical College." A brand is much more than the way things look. Our brand is evident in everything we say, write, and do. Every word, picture, symbol, and sound we use reflects on the entire institution, so we have a responsibility to speak with one voice and exemplify one true brand across every form of communication.

TCTC Brand Standards

TCTC Brand Standards

College Logo

College Seal

Color Palette

Department/Unit Logos

Official Messages and Statements


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Standard Promotional Tools

Standard Promotional Tools

Promotional Items


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Customized Marketing Resources

Customized Marketing Resources


Design Best Practices

Design Process/Timing


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Digital Media

Digital Media

Digital Monitors

i-Contact Marketing E-mail

Social Media


Website Guidelines

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Everything we do as a College impacts how we are perceived. Everything we communicate influences how people perceive us as an institution. The Tri-County brand is shaped through our actions and interactions through advertisements, web pages and social media platforms; in our signage and our presentations; on our promotional items, logoed apparel and more. The responsibility for managing this brand falls to our Marketing Department. This updated Brand Style Guide has been produced to provide a framework for the Tri-County brand and how we share that brand in various forms. We hope you will find it to be a valuable resource as you work with us to tell our stories. Thank you for your commitment to reinforcing the brand.



The goal of this Brand Style Guide is for the College to speak with one voice, thereby strengthening the overall brand. It also aims to avoid common mistakes that may dilute the effectiveness of any Tri-County communication, digital or print. This guide will also provide details on the many channels of communication available to you and serves as a resource to ensure we all maintain consistent, accurate and relevant messaging.

Our brand forms the foundation of the College’s marketing efforts, and the College requires adherence to these standards by all employees and all outside agencies creating materials that use the College logo or name.



  • Communicates a comprehensive picture of our core values and reputation.
  • Builds a connection, creates engagement and generates pride associated with one core brand.
  • Provides consistent representation that helps audiences understand the breadth and depth of our programs and services.
  • Delivers messages faster, creates a consistent image and strengthens brand recognition by creating a seamless, compelling experience across all of our communication channels.
  • Confirms your credibility as part of a larger, unified brand. We are stronger when we speak as one.
  • Reduces cost through coordinated activities.
  • Reduces workload and time commitment for those tasked with maintaining our brand.