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The official TCTC website ( is managed by the Marketing Department. All content on TCTC public webpages represents the brand image of the College. The intranet portal (eTC) serves an internal audience that includes faculty, staff and students, and is handled by the IT Department.

Every webpage has an impact on the College’s ability to promote a positive image to the prospective students, their families, media, donors, accrediting agencies, funding agencies, businesses, industries, and the public. TCTC official webpages must present an attractive, coherent, and consistent view of the College and its identity to anyone who visits any portion of the website(s).

Responsibility for the publishing of content and maintenance of the College’s public website is assigned as follows:

  1. The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for the overall technical design, infrastructure, and system availability, and providing access to new users on the Content Management System.
  2. The Marketing Department is responsible for designing the “look and feel” of the website so that it reflects the College brand and for managing all content displayed on the website. The Marketing Department will also be working with designated webpage owners to support the approval and publishing processes and ensure consistency in the voice and tone that will reflect and protect the brand image of the College. In addition, the Marketing Department is responsible for providing technical support to webpage owners to assist them in meeting American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance requirements. The Marketing Department will also provide website training for new users who are not familiar with the Content Management System currently used by the College to ensure consistency and ease of use for the user(s).
  3. Designated content managers in each major unit of the College are responsible for keeping content on the public website up-to-date and accurate through the use of the Content Management System used by the College.
  4. Departments interested in establishing sites hosted by a third party and linked to the College’s website must submit a proposal to be reviewed and approved by the Information Technology Department and Marketing Department to (1) determine if a third-party site is the best technology solution; (2) ensure the site meets the College’s standards for infrastructure and availability; and (3) ensure the third-party site reflects the College’s brand identity to the degree possible based on available templates and intended audience. Once these sites are approved, they must continue to adhere to the approved standards.

Updating the content process and timeline:

  • If there is a request for creating a new webpage on the website, updating content on existing webpages and/or uploading files or images to the CMS, the user must log into Cherwell (, click on the “Submit a Public Website Request” link under the Marketing Green Box and fill out and submit the form with as much details as possible and upload any files he/she wishes to include on the webpage in the same ticket.
  • Turnaround time for approving and publishing content on the website from the Marketing Department is between 24-48 hours.
  • Every employee in the Marketing Department has administrative access to the website and can help with any questions that may arise.
  • If you are uploading documents or photos, contact the Marketing Department for guidance on the best way to save these items (location, size, ADA-compliance, etc).
  • We receive requests often to add events, resources and other opportunities to the home page banner rotation. Marketing has the final say on what is included here. Criteria include whether the event is open to the public, is enrollment-related, or is a priority initiative of the College.

Website Forms

With the new Content Management System, a forms tool is available. Forms provide an effective tool to help eliminate the use of documents and manually inserting information and data acquired. The Marketing Department can now create customized forms to each departments’ needs and be able to export data into an Excel spreadsheet quickly and efficiently. The form will be made available on the public website, where users can easily access, complete and submit through either a desktop computer, laptop or even on their mobile phones anywhere and anytime.



Website Accessibility

The law that primarily governs website accessibility is The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Even though it doesn’t mention websites anywhere, Title III of the ADA has been interpreted by US courts to apply to websites.

Accessibility online takes many forms. However, at the heart of every ADA-compliant website is the understanding that not everyone who uses the internet can see, hear, or use a standard mouse. We also understand that increasing the usability and accessibility of our web content will bring benefits to the TCTC community at large by increasing the usability for students experiencing diverse circumstances and engaging with the web content in diverse ways.  We will strive to attain Level AA (WCAG 2.0) conformance in our digital spaces to reduce and eliminate any possible barriers or challenges individuals with disabilities could experience.

Marketing is responsible for ensuring our website is accessible and compliant and will provide assistance to you in generating content in the required formats. To add new content – and to ensure we are in compliance with ADA standards — SCHEDULE A CONVERSATION, MARKETING@TCTC.EDU.


Social Media

Tri-County Technical College believes that having a presence on social media allows the College to share information and interact with a broader public in different and dynamic ways. Tri-County Technical College’s presence on social media sites should augment, not replace, official channels of communications. Official College communications are generated through the intranet portal and TCTC e-mails (students, employees) and the public website (public audiences). Social media may be used for official College business, such as marketing specific programs, services or activities; highlighting job openings with our partners in business and industry; or celebrating successes of our students, faculty and staff. The goal of social media communications is to build brand awareness and to engage the community we serve.

The Marketing Director, in consultation with Human Resources, shall establish and maintain procedures and guidelines regarding social media usage by the College. The College has one official primary presence on each social media site (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Vimeo), all of which are maintained by the Marketing Department. This department also approves, monitors and collaborates with developers of department- or program-specific accounts to ensure all sanctioned College sites adhere to branding, messaging and overall communication guidelines of the College. Prior to requesting an account on any social media platform, responsible persons must review and understand the social media policy, procedures and guidelines. This applies to all use of social media platforms by Tri-County Technical College students, faculty and staff to represent or discuss matters concerning the College and/or members of the College community, whether or not such use involves the College’s resources, network or other computer resources.

Because social media tools, uses, and challenges are evolving rapidly, the Marketing Coordinator continuously monitors its strategies and best practices for using these channels. The Marketing Department maintains the College’s official accounts on social media channels. Because TCTC is a relatively small college in comparison with major universities, the College has chosen to have one official presence on each social media platform, with few exceptions granted by the Marketing Department. This eliminates the potential for confusion among users regarding which page to access for different types of information. Other departments/programs authorized to maintain their own social media presence include the following:

  • Alumni
  • Financial Aid
  • Learning Common
  • Campus Store
  • Corporate and Community Education
  • Early Care and Education Program
  • Medical Assisting Program
  • Veterinary Technology Program
  • Media Arts Production Program


Account Approval Process

TCTC employees interested in creating an officially recognized social media account must begin by contacting the Marketing Coordinator in the Marketing Department to discuss the goals and objectives of the desired account, as well as content ideas. Note: The Marketing Director has final authority for approval/disapproval of social media accounts beyond the official College presences. For further details, please refer to the social media policy and procedure 1-2-1025, 1-2-1025.1.

The Marketing Department is a resource to the College community, including efforts to build awareness through social media. However, the Marketing Department will not actively engage in maintaining the presence of the department- or program-specific social media pages. Account administrators are responsible for managing and monitoring content on their approved social media pages.

Any questions regarding the social media policy and procedure, site administration or usage guidelines can be addressed to the Marketing Department. Contact Leanne Cooper, Marketing Coordinator at 864-646-1846 or

TCTC Virtual Background Images

TCTC employees who are interested in using Tri-County customized virtual backgrounds can find those backgrounds here.


The Marketing Department can assist any TCTC employee from any specific program or division with creating both professional and candid videos and/or television commercials. If there is a need for a quick short video that highlights the program or a campus event, the video can be shot, edited lightly and produced in-house. If the video needs to be in high-quality, have professional lighting and include: student interviews, program directors’ interviews, b-roll and have a professional production, the Marketing Department will be more than happy to reach out to a video company that can assist with this kind of project.

The average cost of a professional video produced by a video company would range anywhere between $1500-$2500 depending on different factors and the requirements of the video. The marketing department will determine the best length of the video as well as the delivery (website, broadcast television, video pre-roll, etc).

To request a video, please fill out and submit a Marketing Services Request form by logging into Cherwell ( and selecting the category that best describes the project needed.

NOTE: Any video to be used on our website or social media must be captioned to ensure ADA compliance.


The College subscribes to an e-mail communication service platform called I-CONTACT. This enables us to connect via e-mail in a unique fashion. While Marketing will create the look and feel for your communication, the subscription is managed by Public Relations. To learn more about I-CONTACT options, reach out to


The College uses a web-based tool called Regroup to send College announcements via email to students and/or employees. You may request an announcement using the Announcement and Calendar Posting Request Form.  All announcements must be official College business.

College Activities Calendar

This calendar is displayed on the public website and MyTCTC. You may request a calendar addition using the Announcement and Calendar Posting Request Form.