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Standard Promotional Tools

Promotional Items


Promotional items are defined as “giveaways” that are intended to advertise or promote TCTC to prospective students and potential external partners. They are great tools to engage people, build excitement and create pride in our College when used strategically.


Common examples of promotional items include pens, pencils, hand sanitizer, cups and notepads. The Marketing Department keeps a wide variety of options on-hand for your convenience. They can be viewed here and ordered here. All promotional items paid for with College funds will be branded with the College logo. Any custom items requested for promotional purposes can include the logo and/or a designated URL specific to your program, initiative, or service that serves as a call to action. No other information will be included on promotional items for prospective students or potential external partners. Your Marketing Account Coordinator can assist with any custom needs.


Special promotional items are often part of limited-time campaigns, events, or initiatives, such as Grad Fest or the Men of Color luncheon. Items purchased to complement the theme of the event may have broader calls to action or catchy phrases that align with the theme but must still adhere to College branding. When deemed appropriate by Marketing, the year will be included to signify the limited nature of these special needs. To protect the integrity of the College brand, Marketing will manage these purchases, including the quoting process, to ensure we are being effective stewards of College funds.

Please note that promotional items for current students may not always be the best use of College funds. Students will often accept freebies without truly engaging with the brand or the message you’re trying to share. Research shows that college students respond better to digital engagement and interactive experiences than traditional giveaways. Strategic campaigns may drive deeper connections and more meaningful interactions.

Items intended to welcome new hires or to show appreciation to current employees are NOT considered promotional and should be purchased from the Campus Store. The Campus Store has a wide variety of branded items to choose from.



During the budgeting season, if you are aware of any need for promotional items for recruiting purposes or even special events or initiatives, communicate that plan with Marketing. All “Promotional Supplies” are in the Marketing budget and must have prior Marketing approval. (This is similar to software being in the IT budget and requiring prior IT approval.) Money designated for your requests, if funded, will be earmarked within the Marketing budget. You will work with your Marketing Account Coordinator to order items. Marketing will coordinate everything for you, including the quoting process and payment through the Marketing budget.


For promotional items not planned for during the budgeting process, because all orders for promotional items come through Marketing, departments will need to transfer funds to the Marketing budget prior to placing an order. Individuals should not circumvent the process by using a p-card to purchase promotional items.