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Dana Griffith

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"My degree changed my life. "Today, when displaced workers visit the office and question whether they can return, I tell them that college is the answer to their situation. I encourage those with the opportunity to take it,” she said.


Did you know that many of our faculty and staff are graduates of Tri-County Technical College? Tri-County alumni often return to the classroom as faculty members, making a difference by inspiring their students and serving as mentors.


Dana Griffith, a speech instructor in the Arts and Sciences Division, is a 1983 graduate of the radio and television broadcasting (now media arts production) program. She also served as president of our alumni association.

Often, within five minutes of the first day of class, Griffith tells students in her public speaking classes that she is a Tri-County graduate. “I tell them, ‘I used to be one of you,’” said Griffith, who went on to earn a B.S. degree in industrial education and an M. Ed. in industrial education graphic communications from Clemson.


“I started at Tri-County. I was 29 years old, divorced, with two kids, and I worked three jobs and made all A’s. You can do it, too. I had such a meaningful, life-changing experience at Tri-County. I have a real allegiance to this college. I enjoy the diversity of teaching at a community college. Students are willing to disclose themselves based on life experience. In their public speaking, each one brings something different to the table because of those diverse life experiences. I want to be a mentor to them like former RTV Department Head Charlie Jordan was for me and many others. I saw the job opening at Tri-County in 2009, and I immediately applied. It’s what I want to do the rest of my life. I feel a part of Tri-County. It feels like home.”