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Doug Stephens

“I am the Business Manager in the College of Education at Clemson University, but I am also enjoying a new role with Tri-County as a part-time instructor teaching business administration courses.  I am a proud Tri-County alumnus three times over. I earned my associates in Radio & TV Broadcasting in 1992, Electronics Engineering in 1997, and Accounting in 2012. After earning my MBA, I came back to teach for TCTC as an adjunct. 


I make it a point to tell my students, "about 10 years ago, I was sitting where you're sitting." My hope is that they will pursue further education after successfully completing their endeavors at TCTC. 

I've always loved TCTC and the campus is growing so rapidly. I'm just glad to be a part of the TCTC experience once again. And I hope it is for a long time as well”.


Doug Stephens. 1992, 1997, 2012

Business Manager, Clemson University