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Frank Ballew

frank ballew - sga photo from the 80's.jpg

Frank Ballew

Real Estate Broker, BAI Properties, LLC  

Atlanta, GA


We recently caught up with Frank Ballew, former Student Government Association president, who talks about his memories of attending Tri-County in the 1980s.  Frank, a Wade Hampton High graduate (1973) enrolled at Tri-County Technical College on the GI Bill after serving in the Air Force as a Vietnam Veteran.  “I was looking for an economical way to continue my education, and I was interested in Communications and Journalism,” said Frank who majored in Radio and Television Broadcasting (now Media Arts Production).


“When I got to Tri-County Tech, I really got immersed in the student culture.  Being a little older than most of the students, I found that I could offer students guidance helping them develop better study habits, the importance of making good grades, and making something out of themselves.  This was very satisfying to me.  So I got involved in Student Government.   I was the first Vice-President of SGA and the following year ran for President,” he said.


Frank transferred to the University of South Carolina, where he earned a B.S. in Communications/Journalism.  After graduating from the University of South Carolina in 1981, Frank worked in the telecommunications industry until 1993, then was CEO/President of two companies.  The first was an International Telecommunications Consulting Firm (Corporate-Tele-Data) until 2000 and then a Service Management Software Firm (BAI Systems & Engineering) until 2016. He currently is a Real Estate Investor (semi-retired) with a Real Estate Brokers License in Atlanta, Georgia.