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Susan Womack

susan womack.jpg

Operations Assistant, Corporate and Community Education Division

Associate Degree in Business Management, 1985


Susan Womack proudly states that she is the longest-standing member of the Corporate and Community Education (CCE) team.


“I’ve loved every second of it,” Susan says of her 23 years of service in the CCE Division. She recently celebrated 30 years of service to the College.


“We in CCE are a focused group with a goal. We all adhere to the customer pledge that is posted at the front door. As a group we sat down and wrote it collectively. Everybody was on board. It’s our goal every day. We are all contributors of equal importance.”


She joined the CCE Division in 1997 as an administrative specialist for the registration office and later moved to the health care area as its administrative specialist from 1998 to 2009. She served as customer service unit manager for several years until this year when she was named operations assistant.


Susan is a graduate of Pendleton High School. She worked in retail during that time and in the textile industry for several years while attending and after graduating from Tri-County Technical College. She received a business management degree in 1985.


She joined Tri-County September 1, 1990, as a clerk working a split shift in our Bookstore.


“When I applied at the College, I thought that would be as far as it would go. It was an honor to be given an interview, but to be offered the job on the same day, before leaving campus grounds, was a feeling that I still cannot put into words. I have had the pleasure of working with many employees at Tri-County during my tenure. I will never forget the support and friendships made and will forever be grateful to those who helped me along the way.”