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Every Dollar Matters

A recurring gift of $5 or $10 to the TCTC Foundation makes a difference! For example, five people giving $5 a month supports the average student book expense, and 10 people giving $10 a month can fund a Tri-County scholarship.


THE GOAL IS PARTICIPATION! Your gift, combined with gifts from others, can help remove financial barriers for so many.  


All contributors will be recognized as a college donor in The Tri-County Technical College Annual Report.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I establish a monthly pre-tax payroll deduction?

All employees may complete this form that will alert HR and payroll of your intention to give. 

Why Contribute?

The Foundation is tasked with raising funds to help close the budget gap between state funding and tuition revenue.  Foundation staff is ready to match your specific interest with identified needs. The Foundation gifted back to the College a total of $901,469 last year supporting scholarships, professional development, and program enhancements. Every gift provides an improved opportunity for a student."

Can I direct how my gift is used?

Absolutely. You may direct your contributions to program-specific scholarships, professional development, and special initiatives such as the Student Emergency Fund and Men of Color. If you would like to talk about other types of giving, please call Beth Brown at 864-646-1372.

Does the foundation accept matched gifts?

Oh yes! Several employers in our area match charitable giving of their employees. Matching gifts are corporate donations in which a company matches the gift of the employee. Don’t overlook this opportunity to double your family gift.           


“I am currently pursuing an associate’s degree in CNC machining while living with my mother in Honea Path. My father, who passed away three years ago, worked in the industry […] This scholarship means a great deal to me, because since losing my father my family’s finances have been stretched thin. Being able to attend school has really improved my outlook on the future.” - James Rochester, CNC Machining major and 2021 scholarship recipient

“Thank you for your generosity. I cannot describe the compliment it was to receive word from TCTC that I would be receiving a scholarship for the fall and spring semesters. I have worked so diligently to maintain a 4.0 GPA and to never waste a moment. To see that it did not go unnoticed sure meant a lot to me. A simple “good job” certainly would have sufficed, but to see that you believe in what Tri-County is doing for our community and believes in me as a student enough to donate their hard-earned money for my education, is more than anyone could ask for." - Sierra Barrs – 2021 Scholarship Recipient, 32 year old pursuing a nursing career with 4 children

“I am a 43-year-old single parent with four children… I work full-time as a bookkeeper for a company in Seneca, SC. When I complete my degree, I plan to work in the medical field (my major is Administration Office Technology with a Medical Emphasis). I cannot tell you enough how much of a relief this scholarship is to me. Trying to raise a family and work full time is overwhelming. Receiving my education from Tri-County Technical College is important to me for self-worth and for my children to see that no matter how old you are, your education is still important." - Amanda Key – 2021 Scholarship Recipient, Administrative Office Tech Major

These three quotes are just a sample. If you ever wonder about the purpose of your giving, please come to the Foundation Office and read the many thank you notes from students. You make a difference.

"Generosity consists not the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed" - Mahatma Gandhi

Contributions will be processed through the Tri-County Technical College Foundation, a 501 (C)3 organization. Gifts made are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No percentage of gifts support Foundation expenses. For more information, please contact Beth Brown, Annual Giving Coordinator, at