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Banner 9: Important Information for Employees

As you all are aware, the College is performing a major upgrade to its student information software system. The software migration will take place between Mon., Sept. 24, at 8 a.m. through Mon., Oct. 1, at 8 a.m.  During this period, many systems you USE will be down.  Here is what you need to know:

  1. Blackboard: Blackboard and all course-specific online content WILL BE
  2. Online Leave System: The online leave system WILL NOT be available. Please manually track any leave during the migration period and key it into the system after Banner 9 goes live again on October 1.  This includes times sheets for full-time employees, temporary employees, and work study students. The Human Resources Department will email additional information regarding how to manage this process manually.
  3. Purchasing: The online purchasing system WILL NOT be available. The Business Office will email additional information as needed to appropriate offices.
  4. Student Attendance Tracker: Faculty must track class attendance manually during the migration week. When Banner 9 goes live on Oct. 1, please key attendance from the previous week into Attendance Tracker by 5PM on Tuesday, Oct. 2.
  5. eTC Portal: The eTC portal will be functional, but many links within the portal will not work.
  6. Preferred Browser: When Banner 9 goes live on Oct. 1, the preferred browser is Chrome. Note: Internet Explorer will be de-supported by the College.
  7. Training: If you have not yet signed up for mandatory training, please sign up today.  Register in SPARK (eTC, Employee tab, Professional Development channel). Click on My Learning Plan.  If you do not participate in training, you will NOT have access to Banner 9 when it is launched.
  8. Impacts on Students – Information You Should Know:
  • Students WILL have access to Blackboard and all course-specific online content.
  • Students WILL NOT be able to withdraw from classes, view their bill or class schedules, access financial information or financial aid, make online payments, or use DegreeWorks.
  • If students need assistance during the period the system is down, they have been advised to contact the appropriate office listed below. NOTE: Only general information can be provided during this time because to student-specific information will not be available.
    • Business Office/Cashier – 646-1802
    • Financial Aid – 646-1650
    • Registrar/Student Data Center – 646-1600 (Withdrawing from a class can be handled with appropriate forms available at the Registrar/Student Data Center.)
  1. Impact on Prospective Students: The online College application system will be down. Paper applications are available on all campuses for students who wish to apply in person.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this period.