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“Coaching is an action, not a title, and actions result in success.”

Although the source of this quote is unknown, the truth of their statement rings true. The impact of a great coach extends far beyond the scope of wins or losses and into the character development of an athlete.

While Tri-County Technical College is not a sports team and our coaches are not rallying athletes, our Success Coaches do help us to operate as a likeminded community. Success Coaches are instrumental parts of the TCTC staff and are influential touchpoints in the lives of our TCTC students.

College can be a difficult experience and many students such as yourself can struggle with the transition. From the time you are accepted to Tri-County Technical College, you are assigned a Success Coach who is in your corner, dedicated to helping you to be successful both in the classroom and in life.

Some of the main roles of your Success Coach are to provide connections to campus services and resources, to encourage student self-responsibility for learning, and to support your academic development.

In addition to being assigned a Success Coach during your time at TCTC, you will also be provided with an Academic Advisor. Although on the surface their goals and roles may seem similar, your Success Coach actually plays a very unique role in your educational experience at Tri-County. Your Success Coach is primarily responsible for helping you transition to life as a student at TCTC as seamlessly as possible.

They are available to answer your questions about TCTC, to help you create an educational plan based on your career interests, to assist with your first semester class registration based on your placement levels and goals, and so much more.

So whether you are a first semester freshman or a returning student, please know that you always have a (Success) Coach in your corner at Tri-County Technical College.