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College students were experiencing unprecedented amounts of stress even before COVID-19 hit the scene. Even so, by 2020, 87% of people aged 18-23 reported they found education was a significant source of stress in their lives (

Not only are some students living away from home for the first time but they are also encountering all new experiences that can be both trying and nerve-wracking. Other sources of stress for college students can include finances, academic pressures, personal relationship conflicts, and post-graduation plans (

While it is safe to say that being a college student comes with its own unique stresses, it also brings its own unique successes.

Although avoiding stress entirely may not be possible, there are plenty of ways to manage and reduce the amounts of stress you experience. Most of the practices you can apply to your life are all about creating a space for balance in your life. Going from the extreme of only caring about school to throwing in the towel entirely are not the only options available for you.

Find what works for you and keep at it! Not everyone’s response to stress will look the exact same, and that’s okay. You are a unique student who will require a unique approach to finding that perfect blend of school and life that will make your college experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

  1. Prioritize Rest: If you continue to plow forward, full-steam ahead at all times, your body and mind will stop performing at their best. Manage your time well and allocate time for true rest in your schedule.
  2. Exercise: While exercise might seem like a waste of time or an unnecessary habit in your already packed schedule, taking intentional time to step away from schoolwork can prove to be very productive. Not only are you keeping your body healthy, but you are also working to keep your mind sharp!
  3. Get Creative: Blog, write in a journal, paint, go for a nature walk, or dance. Incorporate the space into your day where you get to something you enjoy and that brings you peace.
  4. Connect: Whether hanging out with friends or family, connecting with others is a great way to reduce stress and realign your priorities. Another great way to connect is to speak with a mental health professional like a therapist or counselor!
  5. Self-Care: Find a healthy way to decompress regularly. Whether that looks like hitting the gym, reading a book, hanging with friends, or praying, take the time to do something you are passionate about or enjoy.

It’s true, college can be stressful, but there are ways to not just survive but thrive during your time with us at TCTC. The key to your success as a student is to avoid swinging from one extreme to the other. Find a balance of school work and life that is realistic and enjoyable for you. And just remember your end goal, what you started your college career for, and keep pushing. You’ve got this!