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Whether you begin your time at Tri-County Technical College immediately after high school or after spending time in the workforce, your future career goals heavily influence your decisions during college. If you have always known what you have wanted to pursue as a career or if you are realizing your passions a little later in life, your major is a reflection of your employment goals.

The end result is clear – you earn your dream job. The difficult part of the path toward your employment is the in-between. You’ve enrolled in school and bought the books, but where do you go from here?

How do you get relevant work experience? How do you format a resume? What should go in a cover letter?

And the list of questions goes on.

At TCTC, we won’t leave you hanging in the process. Our Career and Employability Resource team is a fantastic resource we have available for future, current, and former students like you.

No matter how long you have been with us, we want to support you on your way to success. The Career and Employability Resource team is able to help you from the start of your journey toward a career all the way up until you have landed it.

Our Career and Employability Resource staff members are student-centered, helping you to determine where your interests, values, skills, and goals intersect. They can provide you extensive resources to help you in the employment decision making process and help you sharpen your employability skills to make you the ideal candidate.

Your dream career starts right here with the Career and Employability Resource staff at Tri-County Technical College.