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Please take the time to complete this survey. We will use the information to create webpages where we can feature our great companies across the tri-county area. The link will be sent to all of our area middle schools for the Virtual AOP Showcase event!

AOP Virtual Showcase Survey

Students’ minds are blown when they learn that a part made at a company went to outer space or is used in pacemakers or even in the automobiles they could one day drive.

Again, think like an 8th grader and turn those challenges into opportunities that can excite them!

Remember that you’re talking to eighth graders, so make mention of any high school courses like math, science, or others that will put them on a great pathway to work for a company like yours.

Think about your ideal employee. What makes them stand out?

Keep in mind that your main focus might be manufacturing or healthcare, but don’t forget you still have trained employees who keep your company running through accounting, human resources, security and much more.

While you might think an eighth grader would be interested in this, the hope is that the AOP Virtual Showcase will open conversations with parents and counselors, so give them some facts to consider.

If it’s important to your organization, put it in terms an eighth grader can relate to, such as doing class projects in a group or being on time for classes.

You know your organization better than anyone, so shine the spotlight on whatever will make the greatest impact on these young minds.