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BASF is the world’s largest chemical company. We create the chemistry that makes your life better – from producing products that help clean the air and clean the water, to the foams in your tennis shoes, sofa and bicycle helmets, to cosmetics and personal care products like makeup, body wash and laundry detergent, to the medicines that help you get well and stay well  - the work that BASF does touches your everyday life.


BASF’s site in Seneca, South Carolina is a specialty chemical catalysts and precious metal refining facility, which manufactures precious metal catalysts and recovers these metals from spent catalysts. These chemicals are used on a wide variety of products we use throughout our lives for water treatment and purification, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, fertilizers and plastics.


BASF hires the best talent from around the world and seeks out people from diverse backgrounds who are solutions-oriented with a strong work ethic. Careers in manufacturing are wide and varied. BASF needs people with all variety of different skill sets both technical and professional. Some of our technical roles include chemists, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, process operators, instrument technicians, researcher scientists, mathematicians, bioinformatic specialists, construction workers, business specialists, technology managers, IT managers, machinists, technicians, and safety specialists.


For our professional roles we seek accountants, healthcare experts, public relations professionals, videographers, graphic designers, talent advisers, business administrators, social media specialists, government relations practitioners, policy specialists, legal experts, human relations directors, and more. If you can think of a job, we probably have it here at BASF. Find more out about careers around the globe at or here in South Carolina at


BASF allows students to put their theoretical knowledge to practice through a wide range of internships around the globe. Learn about what internships are available and hear from BASF interns here:

BASF TCTC Lounge.jpg

Tri-County Technical College and BASF representatives in the newly named BASF Student Collaboration Lounge at the Oconee Campus.

BASF Support of Tri-County Technical College

BASF’s site in Seneca sponsors the Tri-County Technical College’s study lounge located in the Oconee campus, where it provides a peaceful setting for study and serves as an optimal site for BASF employees to meet with students and discuss future career options.


TCTC President Galen Dehay also serves on the BASF Community Advisory Panel in Seneca.