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The proposed operations management certificate is an 18-credit-hour credential that provides students with the unique opportunity to build skills in the areas of manufacturing and service operations, including supply chain management functions, while earning eight (8) industry certifications through the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals™.  It is anticipated that the majority of the candidates for this program will be working full time so the courses will initially be offered in the evenings over a three semester period consisting of two (2) courses per semester.  There are certain minimum standards that applicants must possess in order to be accepted to the program which include an associate degree in business or related field, or college level credit. Help us better meet your needs by answering the survey questions below. Read more about the proposed certificate here.

Would your company prefer to hire/employ individuals who have completed the certificate described here? *

Would your company send existing employees to TCTC to complete the OM certificate? *

What are the top 5 skills that applicants seeking positions at your company need to possess? *

Which skills do you find missing in applicants for your positions?

Which of the following are reasons for increased training needs?

How will your company’s need for these employees change over the next 3-5 years? *

Would you require previous job experience in this area for hiring? *

Would your company want levels to the certificate? *

Does your company provide tuition reimbursement for employees who are obtaining a certificate or degree associated with their current job or for advancement in your company? *