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2020 Tax Data

During the verification process, Tri-County Technical College may ask for some or all of the below tax documents to determine your financial aid eligibility. If you have any questions please call 864-646-8282, option 1 or email

2020 IRS 1040: The 1040 document is two pages and must be signed on the appropriate line on page 2 if preparer information is not present and acceptable.

If the return is an individual return, then just the signature of the tax filer is required. If the return is filed jointly then at least 1 tax filer will need to provide a signature. 

All documents must be signed in ink. *We cannot accept electronic signatures.

Page 1 of 2020 Taxes

Page 2 of 2020 Taxes

You may be asked to provide schedules 1,2, and/or 3 with your 1040. The example below will indicate if any or all schedules exist.

Schedule 1: This schedule reports items such as capital gains, unemployment and compensation, prize or award money, gambling winnings, student loan interest deduction, self-employment tax, and educator expenses.

Should I Have Received a Schedule 1?  If line 10a on your 1040 is not blank and not zero, then yes. (see image below)

2020 Taxes

Schedule 2: This schedule reports amounts owed for the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) or when they need to make an excess advance premium tax credit repayment.

Should I Have Received a Schedule 2?  If line 17 on your 1040 is not blank and not zero, then yes. (see image below)

Schedule 3: This schedule is used to claim a nonrefundable credit other than the child tax credit or the credit for other dependents, such as the foreign tax credit, education credits, and general business credit.

Should I Have Received a Schedule 3?  If line 20 on your 1040 is not blank and not zero, then yes. (see image below)

2020 Taxes

IRS "Verification of Non-Filing Letter": For independent students, spouses of independent students, or parents that did not work in 2020, you will need to request a "Verification of Non-Filing Letter" from the IRS. To request this letter you will complete an IRS form 4506-T and mail the completed document to the appropriate IRS office listed on page 2. The IRS will mail the "Verification of Non-Filing Letter" back to whatever address you provide and can submit to our office. You can also create an account at and download a copy of the Non-Filing letter.

You can return any documents by fax (864-646-1890), e-mail (, or in-person at any campus location.