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Helpful Ways to Budget

Personal Budgeting

The idea of budgeting can feel overwhelming, intimidating, and to some even silly. We think we know where are money is going and that we are smart spenders. Everyone can benefit from budgeting. Whether you are budgeting every dollar, every month or just budgeting for a large purchase.

The simplest way to start budgeting is to think of all of the expenses that you encounter daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. By tracking your expenses and budgeting you are able to plan for any bumps in the road, as well as retirement!

Most of you have heard of Dave Ramsey, American businessman and author. He makes a profound statement that “your money is not in control, when it’s not in control.” Sound basic? Sure! Listen to Dave’s reasoning for why you need a written budget and how it’s a blessing here .

Helpful ways to budget:

Tracking your spending and managing your budget has never been easier. There are various budgeting tools available.