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Money Management Center Monthly Events

September 2021 Event - Dating on a Dime

  • Click here to find tips to enjoy outings with friends or significant others that are low-cost (or free). These tips include locations, information on money-saving ideas, as well as things to do in general.

October 2021 Event - Grave Mistakes

  • Do you love coffee and find yourself buying coffee from a local coffee shop more often than not? Then these money-saving tips are for you! Click here for some ways to save a 'latte'.
  • Do you find yourself staring at that drink and snack machine and thinking, wow these cost a lot, but I'm so hungry? Then click here to find ways to save where you aren't left feeling 'salty'!

November 2021 Event - Thrifty Crock Pot Meals

  • During the month of November, we visited each campus to give away FREE cookbooks containing lots of thrifty crock pot meals. If you missed us, click here to find out how you can request your very own FREE copy. All of the meals featured in this cookbook not only save you time (you can set it and forget it - who doesn't love a crock pot), but also saves you money - it's a WIN-WIN!

February 2022 Event - For the Love of Money

  • In February, we focused on how to protect your personal and financial information.  Click here to see all of our tips and recommendations.

March 2022 Event - Smart Credit Use

  • Does credit confuse you?  Do you wonder how to build or repair your credit?  Well you are in luck!  We put together a handy brochure that tells you everything you need to know about credit.  In addition, we created a simple handout to showcase some FREE apps to help you manage or monitor your credit.  Click here to view the brochure and click here to view the apps.

April 2022 Event - One Smart Cookie

  • Your smart choices can really add up to BIG cookies.  Click here to find out how you can save yourself over $1,000 in just one year!