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Veterans Students' Benefits Important Information

Please review the items below to ensure that you are aware of the guidelines required by you and how they affect how Tri-County Technical College certifies your courses and program updates to VA – Veteran Affairs.

** Review Degree Works

Go to, select the Student Profile tile, select Degree Works link

Review your program of study in Degree Works to ensure all classes on your student bill and schedule are listed with a grade of “NG”- Not Graded for the term of registration. (General Education, Major and Degree Sections)

If course(s) are not appearing in the program sections on Degree Works and are showing in the “Fallthrough Courses” section, go to TC Central, Ruby Hicks Hall to speak with a Certifying Official. You may also email or call 864-646-8282 option 1 to determine how you should proceed.

Reasons why courses could appear in the “Fall-through Courses” section–Contact a Certifying Official to review

Repeating a Class (If repeating for a higher grade)

If repeating because you did not make the acceptable grade for the program, the course can be certified (Ex.  If made a “W” or an “F” grade previously)

  • Requirements for that particular course have already been met
  • If it is a pre-requisite that does not appear on Degree Works in the program sections, contact a Certifying Official
  • Acceptable grade for the program has been met (Ex. If your program accepts grades of “D”)
  • NOTE: There are some exceptions, contact a Certifying Official
  • If in the last term of completion, additional courses can be certified to VA (excludes Chapter 31- approval would be required from the VR&E counselor), however, the following guidelines apply
    • Additional courses can only be used if courses are listed as a requirement within the program
    • Can only “round out” once for the current program of study
    • If required courses are not met at the end of the term, and courses are registered in a future term, only the courses required can be certified. Student will be responsible for any additional classes not required for current program of study
    • Contact a Certifying Official if you have additional questions

Tri-County Technical College can only certify courses to VA that are required for your current program of study.

Approved Course Substitutions

  • If the Department Head/Academic Dean have approved substitution of a required course, the Course Substitution form with all signatures must be completed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office/Student Data Center for processing.
  • NOTE: It is best to complete prior to submitting the VA Certification request to ensure all appropriate hours are submitted.
  • Requires the Veteran to send an email to stating what classes are being substituted.

Impact of Withdrawing from One or All Classes

Students who receive VA educational benefits must maintain satisfactory academic progress of 2.0 or higher. If the student withdraws and/or ceases to make satisfactory progress towards completion of their training objective, their educational benefits could be discontinued. When a student withdraws from classes, and if the school has received a tuition payment from the VA, an overpayment (of the VA educational benefits) could also be created, and a debt owed by the school to the VA. Students who fall in this category will receive notification from the VA pertaining to the overpayment. The school will also receive a debt letter from the VA.  The school will remove the funds from the student’s account and return them to the VA. The student is responsible for any balance due after the funds are removed.