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Classification and Compensation







This table displays the pay bands as set by the State of South Carolina.  All position descriptions are reviewed and placed in the most relevant and accurate job classification. Each classification is directly tied to a specific pay band. 


It is the policy of Tri-County Technical College to consider awarding an in-band increase to FTE employees for advanced degree completion. This type increase, when awarded, will be awarded at the beginning of the month following receipt of official transcripts showing a conferred degree. Increases may not be awarded for additional knowledge or skills required to keep up with current technology or if required to maintain current job responsibilities.

It is further, the policy of Tri-County Technical College to consider the attainment of additional skills/knowledge, other than the attainment of a degree, for an in-band increase for FTE employees. The action may be initiated by the supervisor or the employee. However, the skill or knowledge pursuit must be pre-approved in writing and on file in Human Resources, must aid in current job responsibilities, and not be a requirement to keep the current position and meet other guidelines.


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